Fallout 76: Legendary Modifiers List – All Legendary Mods in the Game

If you really want your weapons and armor to stand out in Fallout 76, you need the ones with legendary modifiers.

While I am not 100% sure that these should be called legendary modifiers or just “very rare and hard to get” weapon or armor types, since everybody refers to them as “legendary,” that is how we’ll call them!

And today I am here to put all these Fallout 76 Legendary modifiers on one list so that you can check it out and know what special effect your weapons and armor can get.

Right now, I am pretty much certain that the list itself is incomplete, but hopefully you’ll be able to chip in with a legendary modifier or two in case you find some that are not listed below.

fallout 76 legendary item mods

These legendary mods are easy to spot in the game after collecting them, as they add a special word – usually describing the effect – before the weapon’s or armor’s name. Those are the actual modifiers that we’re talking about today.

With these in mind, let’s check out the list of legendary modifiers in Fallout 76, as well as their effects!

Fallout 76 Legendary Weapon Modifiers

Double: Doubles magazine size
Quad: Quadruples magazine size
Mutant’s: Increased damage when you have a mutation
Anti-Armor: Ignore 50% of a creature’s armor
Assassin’s: 10% extra damage to other players

Concussive: Increased hit probability in VATS
Vampire: Heals you when dealing damage to an enemy
Nocturne: Deals more damage during the night, but less during the day
Stalker: Your shots have 100% probability in VATS if you’re not already engaged in combat
Instigating: Deal more damage to enemies when having full health

Furious: Consecutive hits on the same target deal more damage
Anti-Scorched: Deal 25% more damage to scorched creatures, but 20% less to any other creature
Zealot’s: Deal 30% more damage to ghouls
Never Ending: Infinite ammo capacity
Bloodied: You deal more damage as your health goes lower

Troubleshooter: Deal 30% more damage to robots
Executioner: Deal 50% more damage when your opponent’s health falls below 40%
Exterminator: Deal 30% more damage to insects and bugs
Mutant Slayer: Deal 30% more damage to Super Mutants

Fallout 76 Legendary Armor Mods

Weightless: -90% weight
Duelist: 10% chance to disarm a melee opponent
Undying: While Downed, you have a 50% chance to use a stimpack each minute
Chameleon: When crouching, you are invisible
Zealot’s: -15% damage from Scorched creatures

Assassin’s: -10% damage from other players
Acrobat’s: -50% damage when falling
Troubleshooter: -15% damage from robots
Bolstering: Increased damage resistance when health’s low
Sprinter’s: Increased movement speed

Exterminator: Receive less damage from bugs and insects
Mutant Slayer: Receive less damage from mutants

How to get legendary mods in Fallout 76?

You will have to defeat legendary enemies in order to get then. You will always receive some sort of a legendary items when defeating a legendary opponent, so whenever you see one, make sure that you give it your best and turn it into radioactive ashes!

Legendary enemies are marked by a star next to their name – so they shouldn’t be mistaken for the enemies with a crown.

The latter are bosses of the area and they drop better items (more loot usually and sometimes an improved weapon or armor bit marked with a +), but never legendary mods.

Now… have you been able to collect some legendary items with mods that are not listed in our article? If so, please share their name and effects in the comment section below.

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