Coral Island: How to Get Past the First Three Turtles

After progressing through the first few days in Coral Islands, players will be introduced to ocean exploration and unlock diving.

While diving, players will need to activate solar orbs to progress the relevant quest. However, not all solar orbs are easy to access.

During the quest that requires repairing 20 solar orbs, some of the orbs will be blocked behind certain large turtles.

In this guide, I will explain how to get past the first three turtles in Coral Island. while diving to unlock all 20 solar orbs.

Where to Find the Turtles

As there is no in-game map while diving, navigating the ocean and finding the turtles can be a bit tricky. Thankfully, a Reddit user has made a detailed ocean map that showcases the locations of all three turtles. Turtles are marked in pink as Sea Creatures.

The first three turtles are the ones in the bronze level of the ocean, next to the red dots.

How to Get Past the First Two Turtles

The first two turtles will ask for a bronze-tier vegetable. For instance, they ask for cucumbers during spring, and tomatoes during summer.

Farming vegetables for the turtles in Coral Island.

The best part is that when seasons change in Coral Island, so do the vegetables the turtles want. So, if you’re nearing the end of a season and don’t have the required vegetable, wait for the next season and see what the turtles are asking for.

To ensure you’re getting bronze-quality vegetables, consider using fertilizer II, which can be crafted with silver kelp.

How to Get Past the Third Turtle

Feed, pet, and milk cows to get bronze-quality milk.

While the first two turtles need vegetables, the third one needs one large milk. To get milk, players will need to purchase a barn from the carpenter, and then buy cows from the ranch.

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After getting the cows, make sure to feed and pet them each day to increase their happiness. The happier the cows, the higher the chance of giving bronze-quality milk.

Also, to milk the cows, players will need to buy a milk pail from the ranch.


In conclusion, this is how to find and get past the first three turtles in Coral Island while diving. Check out which vegetables the first two need, and bring one bronze-quality large milk for the third one.

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What do you think about the turtle mechanic in Coral Island? Did you manage to bring them the vegetables they need within the first few seasons? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. The turtle was given a normal cucumber instead of a bronze quality, and now I’m screwed. I might have to wait until next spring to give her the bronze cucumber. Make sure the turtle gets the bronze cucumber, which is of the correct quality.


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