Blox Fruits: How to Use Mirror Fractals

Mirror Fractals are one of the Mythic materials added in the patch update 17.3 of Roblox Blox Fruits.

But, what are these used for? Furthermore, how are these Mirror Fractals used? There are just so many questions in mind about these Mirror Fractals in Blox Fruits.

While we haven’t reached a fruitful conclusion just yet, let’s take a look at the initial progression we have made on these special, yet mysterious Mirror Fractals.

How to Use Mirror Fractals in Blox Fruits

The Blox Fruits community has been brainstorming and theorizing various hypotheses on what the actual use of the Mirror Fractals could be.

The Mirror Fractals don’t come with any specific instructions and aren’t a part of any of the puzzles that have been solved so far.

These fall under the category of the Mythic materials, along with the Dark Fragment and Alucard Fragment.

While we know that the Dark Fragment is used in the process of obtaining the Soul Guitar, and the latter for CDK, there are no specific weapons or artifacts that require the use of Mirror Fractals.

Nevertheless, we can be confident that these materials will be required to obtain or upgrade something quite big in Blox Fruits, be it a new overpowered weapon or access to any location.

Personally, I believe that Mirror Fractals will be key in getting Race Awakening V4.

Since information on both these aspects are unknown, I think there’s a high chance that Mirror Fractals will play a significant part in ultimately getting Mink V4!

However, since there’s no proven method or confirmation from the devs, we’re still in the dark about the actual use of these mythic materials.  

Unlike the rather complex and vaguely-informed puzzles in Blox Fruits, the process of obtaining the Mirror Fractals is relatively simpler and easier.

How to Get Mirror Fractals in Blox Fruits

While I do say that it’s relatively easier to obtain Mirror Fractals, I mean it in a relative sense. It’s much simpler than getting, say the Race Awakening, or seeing the Full Moon. But, you do need to put in effort to fill your inventory with these materials.

Firstly, visit the Chocolate Island and make your way towards the Door of Time, behind which you’ll find the Sweet Crafter.

One of the main missions to get Mirror Fractals is to kill the Dough King. In order to be able to fight this Lvl.2300 raid boss, you’ll need to make a Cake Chalice, which consists of Conjured Cocoa and God’s Chalice

Interact with the NPC drip_mama with the Cake Chalice to bring about the Dough King. You’ll have to first fight off around 500 NPCs before you actually face the Dough King. This is quite similar to fighting the Cake Prince in the Third Sea.

There’s a 100% probability of drops after you’ve defeated the Dough King and you’ll notice the number of Mirror Fractals that you have easily increasing in number each time you beat this raid boss.

Wrapping Up

I’d definitely suggest you rack up the number of Mirror Fractals that you own.

We still don’t know how many Mirror Fractals will be needed for the Race Awakening or any weaponry in the game. But, it doesn’t hurt to take action beforehand!

I strongly believe Mirror Fractals will play an important part in at least one key aspect of Roblox Blox Fruits. We just don’t know what it is yet!

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