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Become a Space Pirate in Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows, Now on Steam

Usually, when it comes to space exploration, we’re the Picard’s of the Star Fleet, boldly going where no mad has ever gone before. Exploring, meeting new civilizations, building outposts and being the guardian angels of the galaxy…

And then, we have games like Ancient Frontier where the real fun begins. We’re pirates building fleets of ships to steal, plunder and generally wreak havoc on the outskirts of the galaxy.

Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows is the standalone expansion to the original game launched in 2017 (and scoring Mostly Positive reviews on Steam) and it takes the game even farther and further, expanding on the current mechanics and bringing new options on the interplanetary table.

As a turn based strategy / RPG game, Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows sees you start small with just a crew and an entire galaxy waiting to be plundered by your own team, then slowly (or quickly, depending on how you play) expand to owning and operating an entire fleet of Pirate Spaceships that will put the Federation to test.

The game also allows pirate commanders to customize the ships in their fleet with various upgrades and weaponry to dominate on the battlefield against the various factions of the universe and it looks just perfect in my opinion:

Ancient Frontier Steel Shadows is now available for purchase on Steam, so make sure to check it out right away We’ll have a review for the game posted soon, so don’r forget to check back if you want to read our opinion on the game.

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