Wylde Flowers: How to Unlock Locked Chests in the Mines

When exploring the mines in Wylde Flowers, you will notice locked chests near the doors leading to the next level.

While at first there is no way to interact with these chests, and players are met with a message saying the chests are tightly locked, there is a way to open them and it’s actually worth going through the trouble of doing so because the rewards inside are totally worth it!

So, let’s jump right in and see how to open these chests!

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How to Unlock Locked Chests in the Mines

Casting the incantation to unlock one of the locked chests in the mines.

The main requirement for unlocking locked chests in the game is to unlock the lockpicking skill. This is easily unlocked while following the main storyline in the game.

Specifically, during the later part of the summer season in Wylde Flowers, and after progressing the coven quests, players will receive a quest named ‘At the Break-in Point’.

To complete it, they will have to craft 2 lockpick incantations.

How to Unlock Lockpick Incantation

Crafting the lockpick incantation in the basement in Wylde Flowers.

Completing this quest will allow the player to craft as many lockpick incantations as they want to. Here’s what you’ll need to craft one lockpick incantation:

  • 1 Paper
  • 1 Black Ink
  • 1 Egg

Also, crafting this incantation, just like with other incantations, will require some of the player’s magic bar. To refill your magic bar quickly and efficiently, consider checking out our guide on the best items for the wellspring.

Which Levels Have Locked Chests in the Mines

Keep in mind that not all levels have a locked chest and some of them have more than one. Below is a list of all the levels where you will find at least one locked chest:

  • Level 4 (1 chest)
  • Level 9 (1 chest)
  • Level 14 (1 chest)
  • Level 15 (2 chests)
  • Level 16 (2 chests)
  • Level 17 (1 chest)
  • Level 18 (2 chests)
  • Level 19 (2 chests)
  • Level 20 (1 chest)

In total, players will need 13 lockpick incantations to open everything. If you haven’t progressed through the mines yet, consider checking out our guide on how to unlock floor 15 and mine gold ore.

What are the rewards in the locked chests?

Interact symbol that allows players to unlock chests.

There are all sorts of goodies locked inside these chests. Some of the most notable ones are the following:

  • Food Recipes.
  • Story-related letters important for quests.
  • Powered Gems (Powered Saphire).

Each chest has specific rewards and unlocking all of them is important for progressing the story and unlocking new items and interactions, so you should go the extra mile to get them all.

And now you know everything about these special items in the Wylde Flowers mines! If you want to go deeper (no pun intended), you might want to check out our guide to romance and how to get married in the game.

What do you think about the lockpick incantations? Are the rewards worth the effort? Let us know in the comments below.


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