Warlander: Best Class (Tier List)

There are three classes in Warlander: the mage, the cleric, and the warrior. Each of them brings different traits and skills to the table and can shine in different scenarios.

The best class in Warlander is the wizard, due to his exceptionally high damage and crowd control spells. However, every class is needed in a team, and in certain scenarios classes such as the warrior and cleric can even outshine a good wizard.

In this article, I will showcase the best class in Warlander based on a tier list that includes all three classes and explains their strengths and weaknesses.

3. Warrior Class

Warrior class in Warlander.
Warrior class in Warlander.

Warrior is the tankiest of all classes in the game and shines primarily in close-range combat. While warriors also have ranged attacks by using the crossbow, their best weapon choice is the sword and shield.

Focus on any HP-up stats on your armor, and focus on taking objectives or pushing Clerics and Mages. If you can get close to them, you’ll be a big threat.

However, Warriors are fairly slow and other classes have movement abilities to outmaneuver them. Additionally, the Mage has traps and crowd control skills to block warriors from getting close to them.

2. Cleric Class

Cleric class in Warlander.
Cleric class in Warlander.

The cleric is the classic healer class from every RPG that focuses on keeping allies alive and providing them with buffs.

In short, you always need clerics in your team, since they’re the ideal way of keeping warriors and mages alive. With Hymn of War and skills such as Heal and Area Heal, the cleric always has enough healing magic ready to ensure no ally falls on the battlefield.

A good cleric can easily make the difference between winning and losing.

The only setback is that clerics rely too much on their teammates (even more than other classes). If your warriors are unable to stay alive at all, or your mages die instantly because they push, even if you’re the best cleric you can’t do anything.

1. Best Class in Warlander – Mage

Mage class in Warlander.
Mage class in Warlander.

The mage class is the best class in Warlander, primarily due to its exceptionally high area-of-effect damage. It’s an ideal class for holding choke points, destroying structures, and taking down multiple enemies on the battlefield.

Additionally, mages have tools to ensure they can survive and reposition in any case, while also offering solid crowd control effects to hold down enemies.

Their only setback is that they have a very low max HP and thus rely on their teammates to cover them. With a good team that has your back, you’ll take down any enemies as a mage and deal the highest damage of all classes.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the best class in Warlander is the wizard, with the cleric coming right after and the warrior being last.

Keep in mind that every class is useful and can outperform others based on the situation you’re in, so try and play the class you enjoy the most.

Also, if you’ve decided to try out the wizard, consider checking out our guide on the best wizard build in Warlander.

What’s your favorite class in the game? Do you have any builds to recommend? Let us know in the comments below.


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