Starfield: Best Weapons for Early Game

Are you looking for a high-damage weapon that can wreak havoc and is easy to get? Let’s go through the best early-game weapons in Starfield.

Finding a strong weapon early on will allow you to deal with enemies more easily and progress through the story faster without getting stuck on tougher enemies.

In this guide, I will list the five best weapons for the early game in Starfield that will help you take down enemies with ease and explain how to get each of them.

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Best Early Game Weapons in Starfield

Starfield’s vast weapon variety makes it hard to decide on the best ones. However, some weapons manage to stand out due to high damage and overall stats while also being available early on.

Without further delay, here are the five best early-game weapons in Starfield:

5. Big Bang

Best early weapons in Starfield - Big Bang shotgun.

The Big Bang is one of the best shotguns in Starfield that stands out due to dealing both physical and laser damage.

Despite its low fire rate, it has seven mod slots and a solid 20-meter range, which make it an amazing early-game option.

To get the Big Bang weapon, loot it as a random drop from any container or buy it from the Centurion Arsenal, Neon Tactical, Rowland Arms, or UC Exchange shops.

4. Va’ruun Painblade

Best early weapons in Starfield - Va'ruun Painblade melee.

The Va’ruun Painblade is the best melee weapon in Starfield and has high damage and attack speed.

If you’re a fan of melee combat, it’s definitely a must-try.

To get the Va’ruun Painblade, join the Crimson Fleet and get arrested by the UC Vanguard after committing a crime. You’ll be sent to The Key where you should find the Aludra Tahan merchant and buy it from him.

3. Magshot

Best early weapons in Starfield - Magshot pistol.

The Magshot is an amazing pistol that resembles the famous Desert Eagle and thus features amazing damage and long-range accuracy.

Due to that, the Magshot is a great option for almost any combat scenario and it’s a solid addition to your arsenal.

To get the Magshot in Starfield, loot it from random containers or buy it from the Centurion Arsenal, Rowland Arms, or Neon Tactical shop.

2. Magsniper

Best early weapons in Starfield - Magsniper.

If you’re a fan of sniper rifles, the Magsniper is a great early-game option that combines high damage, long-range, and high accuracy without any mods.

If you add mods on top, you can make it the best sniper rifle in the game since you’ll increase damage, range, and accuracy even further.

To get the Magsniper, buy it from the Centurion Arsenal, Rowland Arms, or Neon Tactical shop. The available mods for this weapon will depend on your character level.

1. Va’ruun Inflictor

Best early weapons in Starfield - Va'ruun Inflictor.

The best early-game weapon in Starfield is the Va’ruun Inflictor Particle Beam Rifle since it has everything: high damage, rapid fire rate, increased accuracy, and long range.

Additionally, due to being a Particle Beam weapon, it benefits from the Ballistics perk, the Laser perk, and the Particle Beam perk. With those perks, it can outdamage almost every other weapon in Starfield.

To get the Va’ruun Inflictor, explore high-level solar systems and you’ll be able to find it as random loot there.

Wrapping up

To sum up, these are the five best early-game weapons in Starfield that will help you deal high damage and take down any enemy easily.

I’ve made sure to include a variety of options including shotguns, sniper rifles, and pistols, so that you can find something that fits your playstyle.

What’s your favorite weapon overall? What do you think about the recommended weapons? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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