Slay the Spire Achievements Guide: How to Unlock them All

Slay the Spire has 43 achievements that you can unlock, many of them being hidden. Today we’ll talk about them all though as I will share with you a complete guide to the Slay the Spire achievements (and how to unlock them all). Some are pretty much self-explanatory, while others are a lot easier when you know what to do.

I think that this should go without saying, but I am saying it anyway: there are spoilers ahead, so if you want a spoiler-free experience (or you’re just starting to play the game), it might be a good idea to give it several hours without looking at a guide for achievements. It might ruin some of the fun and surprises.

To help you get these achievements faster, we have also published some Slay the Spire tips and tricks: make sure to check them out as well for faster in-game progress.

Now, with these in mind, let’s move on with this current guide and see how to unlock all achievements in Slay the Spire!

Hidden Achievement: The Guardian (Defeat the Guardian)

Hidden Achievement: The Ghost (Defeat Hexaghost)

Hidden Achievement: The Boss (Defeat the Slime Boss)

Hidden Achievement: The Champion (Defeat the Champ)

Hidden Achievement: The Automaton (Defeat the Bronze Automaton)

Hidden Achievement: The Collector (Defeat the Collector)

Hidden Achievement: The Crow (Defeat the Awakened One)

Hidden Achievement: The time Eater (Defeat the Time Eater)

Hidden Achievement: The Shapes (Defeat Donu & Deca)

Shrug It Off – Win a battle with 1 HP remaining

Plague – Defeat 3 enemies with Poison in a single combat

The Pact – Exhaust 20 cards in a single combat

Adrenaline – Have 9 Energy during a single turn of combat

Ascend 0 – Unlock Ascension mode

Ruby – Beat the game with the Ironclad

Emerald – Beat the game with the Silent

Sapphire – Beat the game with the Defect

Perfect – Defeat a boss without taking any damage

Come At Me – Win a combat without playing an Attack (easiest way to get it is with the Defect and the Neow Laments relic: just get everybody down to 1 HP with the relic and take them out with the lightning orb FTW!)

Catalyst – Apply 99 or more Poison on a single enemy (target high HP enemies with this, so that you can stack up the poison)

Impervious – Have 99 or more Block during combat (Get it easily with Ironclad, mixing in Barricade + Entrench. Relics like Self-Forming Clay or the Prismatic Shard will help, just as the Essence of Steel or Block potion will.)

Powerful – Have 10 or more buffs during combat

Purity – Have 3 or fewer cards in hand, draw, and discard pile combined

My Lucky Day – Win a Daily Climb

Jaxxed – Have 50 or more Strength during combat (very difficult to get after the updates – go at it with a deck that’s defense-minded)

Infinity – Play 25 cards in a single turn

Ninja – Play 10 Shivs in a single turn

Barricaded – Have 999 Block during combat (Follow the same route as with Impervious, but with a bigger focus on relics. Difficult achievement no matter how you put it!)

You Are Nothing – Defeat a boss on turn 1 (don’t expect to get this one as soon as you start playing. You need a solid deck and experience and a lot of tries, most likely. A small, highly specialized deck in a perfect run without curses is what you need)

Ascend 10 – Complete Ascension Level 10

Ooh Donut! – Finish Donu with a Feed

Speed Climber – Beat the game in under 20 minutes (again, don’t even attempt this until you have a lot of experience in the game and a solid plan.)

The Transient – Defeat the Transient before it fades away (you will need a strong deck, focused on damage)

Hidden Achievement: Ruby + – Complete the ending with Ironclad

Hidden Achievement: Emerald + – Complete the ending with the Silent

Hidden Achievement: Sapphire + – Complete the ending with the Defect

Hidden Achievement: The End? – Complete the ending with all three

Minimalist – Beat the game with a 5 card deck or smaller (a really difficult achievement to unlock. You could try to pair it up with The Transient to at least have a chance of scoring one of the two achievements if you fail with the other).

Focused – Have 25 or more Focus during combat

Neon – Channel 9 Plasma in a single turn

Who Needs Relics? – Beat the game with a single relic

Common Sense – Beat the game with a deck containing no uncommons or rares

Ascend 20 – Complete Ascension Level 20

And these would be the achievements in Slay the Spire, with some tips on how to unlock them. Most of the achievements listed towards the end are extremely difficult to obtain and in many cases you will probably need tens of hours of trial and error until you get them. Fortunately, the game is extremely fun and going through it over and over again is never boring.

If you have some tips and tricks on how to easily get these more difficult achievements, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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