How to Maximize All Your SPECIAL Stats in Fallout 4 (Glitch / Cheat)

Fallout 4 has no level cap limit, so if you play for long enough, you will get enough levels to potentially max out all your SPECIAL attributes and rule the wastelands.

But if you don’t have the time for that, our reader exexFanboy managed to find an incredible shortcut that proves to be insanely helpful.

There is a glitch in Fallout 4 that allows you to increase your SPECIALs one by one until you max them all out. You can call it a cheat if you want to – it doesn’t really matter, in the end, as long as you can put it to good use!

All you need is Dogmeat and the You’re SPECIAL Book, then follow the instructions below in order to activate the glitch for your unlimited SPECIAL points in Fallout 4.

fallout 4 special glitch

You first meet Dogmeat as soon as you start the game, so I doubt anybody will have a problem to meet that requirement.

If he’s no longer your companion, find him (most likely in Sanctuary running around or in a dog house) and set him as your active companion.

Then, get the You’re SPECIAL Book which is hidden under the baby crib in your home in Sanctuary.

fallout 4 special maxing out glitch

If you have already picked it up and used the extra point it gave you, you have no reason to worry – you can still do this trick. I tried and it works. Here is what you have to do:

Drop the book on the ground and command Dogmeat to pick it up. When the animation of him picking it up is starting (his head is just about to go down to grab it), you take the book.

He will also show up with one. Now command him to move somewhere and he will drop the book. Take it, use it to get one SPECIAL point, then repeat.

This will most likely require you to try at least a few times until you get the timing right, but it’s all worth the trouble.

Just look at the animation of Dogmeat grabbing an item and know to time your move right: just as soon as he starts moving his head downwards to grab the book. Good luck!

Thank you, exexFanboy for sending in this amazing Fallout 4 cheat / glitch / trick. If anybody has anything awesome to share, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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