Fallout 76: How to Get Adhesive (Plus Infinite Adhesive Cheat)

One of the items that I run out of most frequently in Fallout 76 is adhesive. Very difficult to come by and loot, this material is extremely important as it basically is required to fix all your guns and armor, as well as craft new weapons and armor pieces.

So in today’s article, we’re going to talk about how to get adhesive in Fallout 76.

And even more, I am going to share with you a method that’s as close to cheating as it gets and basically guarantees you infinite adhesive in Fallout 76. Sounds good? It sure is, so let’s get this started!

How to get more adhesive in Fallout 76?

fallout 76 how to get adhesive

First of all, you have the generic way of getting adhesive from various junk in the game.

I am listing below the items that provide you with adhesive, as well as places where you are most likely to find them:

– Economy Wonder Glue & Wonder Glue (usually found in garages and auto shops)
– Duct Tape & Military Grade Duct Tape (usually found in military bases around Appalachia)

There are other variations of the elements listed above and you can find them scattered anywhere, even though the listed places usually have more of it.

You can also buy adhesive (bulk or not) from some of the Vendors in the game, but I don’t really consider it an option because it’s extremely expensive.

Why spend your caps on something that you can get for free and relatively easy?

The easiest way to get adhesive in Fallout 76 is to craft Vegetable Starch at a cooking station. This is the easiest way to get it and you don’t need to unlock a recipe for it before being able to craft it.

However, in order to get Vegetable starch, you need quite a bit of items: 2 each of Corn, Muttfruit and Tato, as well as 1 Purified Water. And for this, you get 2 adhesive. Not easy to get, indeed!

fallout 76 vegetable starch

Now, getting Vegetable Starch to turn it into Adhesive might sound like a pretty difficult task, but the truth is that it’s not that hard after you spend some time in the game.

In order to make your life a lot easier, you will have to find and then plant in your own camp as much Corn, Muttfruit and Tato as you can.

Even if you start with one, harvest and replant until you have at least 4 of each. Once you do, things will become very easy because we have…

The Fallout 76 Infinite Adhesive Cheat

Although it’s not as simple as writing a code to get adhesive, it’s still fairly simple and it involves getting a ton of Vegetable starch.

Here is what you have to do:

1. First, prepare yourself with a lot of Purified Water. This is a bit difficult to come by early on, so make sure you don’t drink it or use it for anything else. Hoard it like it’s gold.

fallout 76 purified water
You will never have too much purified water!

You will eventually be able to build a Water Purifier – and should do so as soon as you have the chance – at your Camp, but until then, keep any Purified water you can find.

2. Next, go to your camp where you have planted as much Corn, Muttfruit and Tato as possible. Harvest them, then quit to the main menu. Log back in, which will reset the counter and harvest again.

Rinse and repeat until you have as much as possible, then start crafting your vegetable starch and enjoy your adhesive!

Note: If the reset method doesn’t work in your camp, find an area where you can easily harvest the required ingredients for the recipe.

There’s such an area in the mountains to the NW of the map, way above the Ferris wheel.

And this would be it! You will now be able to have a lot more Adhesive than you would’ve if you wandered Appalachia aimlessly searching for it. Hopefully now you’ll have enough to fix your weapons and armor!

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