Brownies Game Review: Time Management at Its Best

I was always complaining that time management games don’t even try to bring anything new to the table, at least in terms of gameplay. But today, I was about to be proven wrong by Brownies, a game that I reluctantly downloaded because it seemed just like all the other time management games out there.

Was it so or did it manage to charm me? Read on our Brownies game review to find out!

I liked the fun and light approach brought to us by the story: the Brownies are magical beings living in Granny’s house, tiny little creatures that you, the main character, get to see after drinking from granny’s tea.

You are taken to this magical world, tasked to complete various missions and searching for granny herself. It’s a fun and pleasant ride and, as I said, the story brings up the fun quite nicely, especially as it finally explains all those lost socks, lost earrings and lost items: it was the Brownies who did it!

Jokes aside, we’re really talking about a solid game here, even though in terms of gameplay it doesn’t revolutionize the genre and, unfortunately, it does look like most other Time Management games, but with a different story and different graphics.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing, because we’re talking about solid, flawless gameplay. In the end – why fix something that’s not broken? This seems to be the general consensus here at Casual Game Reviews and apparently the developers of Brownies agree.

We have 50 missions that can be played in either timed or relaxed mode (go for Timed mode for the extra challenge, without it getting frustrating!), missions that are not very long but they sure are fun.

There are some things that you don’t normally see in TM games, such as the Beads that pop up randomly on the screen and you have to click them fast before they disappear, then use them to activate Runes that give you various bonuses during the missions.

Apart from that, expect to do the classic things in a time management title: clear roads, build different structures, gather resources and battle Trolls. Yes, you will eventually train Knights to battle Trolls, because apparently they love Granny’s living room too!

The artwork is delightful, clean and bright, with everyday items blended into the landscape to keep the story going, while the sound is pretty much basic and you can easily do without (but you can keep it on as well as it’s not irritating).

All in all, the enthralling story of Brownies, as well as the bright visuals and fast paced gameplay manage to take over the lack of innovation and help it deliver a pleasant experience to fans of the genre.

Really, I was surprised with how much I liked the game, even though it didn’t really bring anything new to the table. So if I loved it, you’ll probably like it to, so definitely give it a try!

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