Atomic Heart: Where to Find Zvezdochka [Weapon Location]

You probably heard that one of the best melee weapons in Atomic Heart is Zvezdochka. But where to find it? Well, in today’s guide, I will share with you where to find Zvezdochka in Atomic Heart.

Your best chance of finding Zvezdochka early in the game is in the red mansion you’ll find after exiting the Vavilov Complex. On its balcony, there is a chest that might hold the blueprint for this great melee weapon.

I am saying that “there’s a chance” because these blueprints you can find in Atomic Heart are random, so you never know exactly what type of weapon you’re going to get.

But some have higher chances of spawning specific weapons, and the chest I’m suggesting is your best choice early on in the game.

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Now, let’s get a bit more in-depth and learn where the Zvezdochka blueprint is in Atomic Heart, as well as more things about the weapon.

Where to Find Zvezdochka Early


Contrary to what players think, most blueprints don’t appear in the same spawn locations. It’s all randomized, although there’s probably a higher chance for some blueprints to appear in specific chests.

There is a location in the early game you can check out that may hide your own Zvezdochka.

This chest can be found in the village you emerge from, after first exiting the Vavilov Complex.


Inside the village, you will head straight for the red mansion. Enter the mansion, avoid the robots, and go upstairs to the second floor.

Once you go up, turn left and go out to the balcony. Loot this chest, and if you are lucky you will get the Zvezdochka blueprint.

This has been the most straightforward location to find Zvezdochka, in Atomic Hearts. If you managed to find it elsewhere, don’t hesitate to let us all know by commenting below.

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How to make Zvezdochka


Now that you have the blueprint of Zvezdochka, you will need to know how to craft it.

The materials need to craft Zvezdochka will be:

  • 155 metal parts
  • 19 superconductors
  • 15 chemistry materials

Understandably, this weapon may appear way too expensive, but hear me out, it is well worth the time, effort, and materials needed. It is an amazing melee weapon that deals high damage and can save you from difficult situations.

You should also upgrade it with the Frostbite Skill, and the Crushing Blow upgrade.

These have been the materials needed to craft the Zvezdochka in Atomic Heart.

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You know now where you search in Atomic Heart and have the highest chances of finding the amazing Zvezdochka melee weapon.

With luck being a factor, there is a gamble as to when you will find it, but use the knowledge of the materials you will need to have them ready as soon as you get the blueprint.

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Let us know in the comments down below if you found the Zvezdochka already, and how it feels to use it in the game.

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