Wayfinder Tier List: Best Class in the Game

Are you looking for the strongest class that will also fit your playstyle? This Wayfinder tier will include everything you need to know regarding the best class in the game.

With six different characters in the game, it can be hard to find the best one.

In this Wayfinder class tier list, I will rank all Wayfinders in the game based on which one can level up and progress the fastest. After all, your primary goal is to increase your level ASAP to unlock other characters and all available content.

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Wayfinder Class Tier List

Wayfinder class tier list.

For this Wayfinder class tier list, I’ll rank all characters in the game from best to worst in terms of the most efficient for solo leveling and progression.

Overall, S and A-Tier classes are amazing for progression, while B and C are definitely playable but a bit more tricky.

Let’s start by ranking all characters in Wayfinder:

  • S Tier: Niss
  • A Tier: Kyros, Venomess
  • B Tier: Senja, Vingrave
  • C Tier: Silo

Of course, you can choose any class for your playthrough as long as you enjoy their playstyle.

It will take a few more hours to go through everything the game has to offer, but if you’re having fun with your favorite class it shouldn’t matter.

Some classes, like Vingrave, will make it easier to clear content but at the cost of being more time-consuming.

Let’s examine each class in more detail.

Best Class in Wayfinder

Wayfinder class tier list.

Overall, the best class in Wayfinder is Niss. All her abilities do high damage and she has amazing mobility. Especially with her Shadow Step ability, Niss can traverse the map faster and one-shot any enemies hit by this dash.

Kyros is a great option as he focuses on AoE damage and can clear hordes of enemies within seconds. Especially with his Siphon Radiant ability, Kyros is able to one-shot most smaller enemies.

Venomess is a character that perfectly combines damage and healing abilities. With enough ability power and right skill usage, Venomess can clear any enemy in the game. Additionally, her starting weapon is one of the best weapons in the game overall.

Wayfinder class tier list.

Senja has an ability that focuses on helping allies, so she isn’t the best pick for solo leveling. Nevertheless, she can definitely take down enemies without issue.

As for Vingrave, he’s a great character to start with since he focuses on defense and negating damage. It makes it easier to get familiar with the mechanics of the game but, due to that, he has a low clear speed and will need a bit of time to kill every mob.

Silo is considered the weakest character in Wayfinder since his abilities are extremely inconsistent. While they can deal a lot of damage, the bombs are hard to hit and you’ll often see them flying past enemies without dealing damage.

Wrapping up

To summarize this Wayfinder class tier list, these are all the classes in the game ranked.

Overall, Niss is the best class in the game with Kyros and Venomess coming close second. These Wayfinders will allow you to level up quickly and easily progress through the game’s content.

What’s your favorite class in the game? Do you agree with this tier list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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