Roblox Toilet Tower Defense Codes [September 2023 Update]

Check out the working Toilet Tower Defense Codes this month if you want to stand a better chance against the rising toilets.

One thing that’s not missing in Roblox is a solid number of… strange games. And Toilet Tower Defense is definitely one of them, although really fun to play in all honesty.

With a huge update looming in the horizon, make sure to put all the Roblox Toilet Tower Defense codes you can see below to good use and boost your tower defense skills against the skibi toilets.

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Toilet Tower Defense – All Codes

toilet tower defense game

Unlike other Roblox games, this one doesn’t offer plenty of codes and freebies. But anything extra is welcome, so I hope you will appreciate the codes below.

Make sure to type them exactly as spelled below to make sure you can instantly redeem them.

And do redeem them as soon as possible because they could stop working at any time, without warning.

These are currently the Roblox Toilet Tower Defense codes that are working atm:

  • SummonFix – get 1 Luck Boost potion and 100 Coins
  • AutoSkip – get 200 Coins
  • YayMech – get 200 Coins
  • CoolScientist – 100 Coins

We can only hope that the game’s developer, Telanthric, will release more codes. Make sure to follow him on Discord and follow their dev journey on Youtube. Who knows, maybe he’ll share some extra codes there as well!

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How to redeem Toilet Tower Defense codes

toilet tower defense how to redeem codes

In order to redeem all the working codes in Toilet Tower Defense, follow these steps, which are a bit different from your regular Roblox game

  1. Launch Roblox and start the game
  2. Tap the chat icon in the upper left corner of the screen to open the chat
  3. In the chat window, type /redeem then leave a space after the word and type the working code, then press Enter.
  4. And this is it! You can now enjoy the rewards.

Final words

We can only hope that more Toilet Tower Defense codes will be released in the future… but until that happens, we should be grateful for all the freebies that we have.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if a new code is launched and I am not fast enough to update the list.

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