Pikmin 3 Deluxe Review

Nintendo has enough flamboyant franchises that are not well known to the general public, and sometimes even among fans of their consoles.

For example, Wii U had at least a dozen great exclusives which almost no one has played. But thanks to re-releases Nintendo fixed this problem.

Previously, the excellent Bayonetta 2 was ported to Switch, then the Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore was ported, and now it’s the turn of the third part of The Pikmin game.

Quick Introduction in the series

First, briefly about the series. The original game was released on the GameCube 19 years ago and was in many ways a bold experiment.

The leading game designer role in the project was played by Shigeru Miyamoto, who is responsible for almost all of Nintendo’s iconic franchises.

The main story of the first game was about the brave astronaut who found himself on an unknown planet and suddenly discovered that he can summon, train and control a group of strange colorful creatures, using them to destroy obstacles and attack enemies.

The second part was released in 2004, offering more puzzling levels and battles with representatives of hostile fauna.

Variability in bosses, locations, and better diversity in enemies – literally every aspect has been expanded in-depth. The game was characterized by more comfortable controls, so it received well-deserved feedback from the media and gamers.

But since the game was limited to the GameCube and the Wii, there was no question of massive success and recognition among gamers.

There was also a release for the 3DS console. A dubious spinoff called Hey, Pikmin! In all respects, a mediocre product with stripped-down mechanics, a poor starting point for a new audience.

Now Shigeru Miyamoto is in charge of the creation of the fourth part and even stated in an interview about the proximity of the official announcement.

However, the last mention dates back to 2016, which indicates the same long-term level of development as a Metroid Prime 4.

Should you start from the 3rd game in the series?

Yes, the story is completely autonomous and does not require knowledge of its predecessors. The plot starts with the approach of the research vessel S.S. Drake to a planet codenamed PNF-404, where astronauts must collect samples of soil, flora, and fauna for further study.

Because of the crash, the trinity of heroes are scattered across different parts of the planet, so they have to be brought together.

We begin to explore the location with Captain Charlie, who stumbles upon Pickmins and, like the heroes of the previous games in the series, interacts with them. He can call creatures, select and gather them into a group, and then send them to the desired point.

You can get new units on special “farms” – or just from the ground, where they stick out like carrots and need to be pulled out. The game is very family-friendly and if such games are not your type of entertainment – you can try more adult games like slot machines on Casinonic website.

About the complexity of the game

At first, everything is simple and even boring, but with the advent of missions, you need to act more decisively. Daylight hours are considered safe on the planet, but by sunset, you should immediately evacuate to the ship.

Otherwise, a scene will follow where giant toads attack your cute Pikmins and mercilessly eat them. There is an additional motivation to evacuate everyone you meet. The fruit is a useful resource and the basis for a nutritious fluid.

We spend one unit of it every day, so keep in mind that in addition to achieving the goal of the mission, it is sometimes necessary to replenish supplies.

How is Pikmin 3 Deluxe different from the original game released on Wii U?

In the re-release, the developers added side missions and time trials. In the second case, you have to clear locations as quickly as possible, collect fruits, and take-out bosses.

The co-op Bingo Battle mode looks funny: the screen is divided in half, and each player picks up a Joy-Con. The main goal is to quickly drag your opponent off the map.

If we talk about the walkthrough of the campaign in the cooperative, the impressions are twofold. It’s always more fun together, but in portable mode with Split Screen, it’s hard to know where to move the Pikmins since the screen becomes too small for comfortable gameplay.

Final Verdict

When you get used to game style and controls, you risk getting stuck in this strategic puzzle for a long time. The entertainment is also suitable for playing with children. Just try to save the colorful Pikmins before sunset, so as not to watch them being eaten by toads!

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