Mahjong Mania – Go Beyond the Basics With Advanced Techniques

Mahjong is an engaging way to socialize while engaging in an enjoyable activity – not to mention keeping your brain sharp! It’s an enjoyable pastime that keeps your senses sharp!

Mahjong tile sets come in all forms from plain designs to intricate ones featuring heaven, earth, man, and harmony-related symbols.

Mahjong is an addictive game that can be enjoyed on any device. Check out this tutorial and learn how to enjoy this captivating game!

Basic rules

Mahjong Mania offers an expansive selection of game options. This game consists of 50 timed levels featuring different tile arrangements in three difficulty modes.

It awards points depending on how quickly each level can be cleared off the board. Each level can be classified as gold, silver, or bronze depending on how quickly this task can be completed.

Matching open tiles to eliminate them from the playfield is key to winning each level in this puzzle game.

Only tiles unblocked from above and left/right may be matched, and brightness indicates depth with darker tiles signifying deeper tiers.

Mahjong games can be difficult to follow, similar to watching a hockey match or soccer match, making them less of a spectator sport than other forms of entertainment.

Mahjong Mania creator John Davis hopes to change that, pitching their show before two panels on July 30-31 with their story, song samples, and their plan for finding a producer.


Mahjong can be played in a variety of forms and its rules can differ slightly between variations; however, its basic principles and scoring system remain similar across all versions.

Players need to observe and listen for clues from opponents that could indicate the most efficient path toward victory.

For instance, discarding jokers may indicate they’re on their way towards calling mahjong, and need some additional tiles in order to complete their hand.

Watching a game of mahjong is like watching an exciting hockey match with rapid-fire moves that often result in mistakes being made by players.

It can increase stress levels among them and could result in unnecessary errors being committed during gameplay, which may cost the game.

Players should remain calm and stay focused on strategy; otherwise, their emotions could run away with them and lead them down an unpredictable path that may cost them the match.

French version of mahjong can sometimes be played with board games which adds a unique twist to the game.



Mahjong has become an international game, enjoyed across numerous cultures. Each variation of mahjong may feature different tiles decorated with symbols like bamboo sticks, flowers, hieroglyphics, or dots – each decorated differently from another set containing 144 tiles decorated accordingly.

Players win when they find matching pairs of tiles; however, a complete pair must exist before being removed from the board; otherwise, it does not count.

Some mahjong tile sets include special tiles that add extra value to a winning hand, such as season and flower tiles.

These symbols differ from basic suit and honor tiles in that they represent specific directions of wind or seasons.

Apart from these special symbols, classic mahjong rules remain unchanged. Four players begin each game with 13 tiles before drawing and discarding tiles until achieving four melds and one pair as winning combinations.


Mah Jongg players frequently exclaim, after racking their initial tiles, that “I have nothing!” while luck does play an integral part in this game.

There are various strategies you can employ to increase your odds of turning that initial hand into one with more promising odds for success.

One way of doing so is ensuring no gaps are left when stacking tiles, as this could reveal your strategy to other players and allow them to anticipate your next move by simply looking at a gap in your tiles.

Mahjong is a timeless pastime that appeals to players of all ages. Our new Mahjong game provides 18 layouts with different levels of complexity to help hone your mahjong skills and help you become an expert mahjong player!

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