How to Defeat the Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones

Are you looking to defeat the Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones? Let’s go through everything you need to know about it.

In short, you can find the Ghost Ship near The Oubliette Outpost after accepting the “Oceans Apart” contract. To defeat it, damage and break its weak spots first, and then you’ll be able to damage it normally.

Let’s go through the whole process in further detail.

How to Find the Maangodin Ghost Ship – Map Location

Skull and Bones Ghost Ship guide.

To find the Maangodin Ghost Ship, you must start by picking up its contract at The Oubliette Outpost. Interact with the Mysterious Rogue vendor and pick up the “Oceans Apart” side quest.

Once you accept the quest, you’ll see its location just east of the outpost you’re in. Keep in mind that the Ghost Ship appears only at night, as mentioned in the quest’s description. Sail there, and you’ll spot the ghost ship in the distance.

How to Damage and Defeat the Ghost Ship

Skull and Bones Ghost Ship guide.

To damage and defeat the Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones, you must hit its weak points first and break its shield. Otherwise, if you try to damage its hull, it will be completely immune to damage.

Damage all weak points (red spots) until you break them, and then you’ll be able to damage the ghost ship normally.

Keep in mind that it has a lot of HP, so make sure to come prepared with the best DPS ship in the game.

Also, while you can complete it on your own, it will take a lot of time. I recommend finding other players via the chat who want to do the same activity and complete it together. This way, it will take less time and be overall easier.

If you’re completing this with a group, check out our guide on the best support ship in Skull and Bones to keep yourself and your allies on full HP.

Ghost Ship Rewards

Skull and Bones Ghost Ship guide.
  • Ethereal Ashes
  • Screw Mechanism
  • Treasure Map
  • Precision Drilling Bit
  • Silver Chest
  • Mysterious Chest
  • Repair Kit III

The main reward is the Ethereal Ashes. It’s a currency used to purchase various extra rewards from the vendor where you picked up the quest at The Oubliette Outpost.

However, once you complete the contract, you won’t be able to accept it again. Thankfully, if you want to farm the Ghost Ship, there is a way to do it.

How to Find More Ethereal Ashes and Defeat the Ghost Ship Again

If you want to farm Ethereal Ashes, the best way is to wait near The Oubliette Outpost for players who come to complete this quest for the first time.

If another player starts the quest, the Ghost Ship will spawn again. If you help them take it down, you’ll also get rewards!

Alternatively, you can explore the map and progress with your quests normally while also keeping an eye open for Ghost Ships. It can spawn in various random locations around the map as a world boss.

Wrapping up

To wrap up this Ghost Ship guide, you can defeat the Maangodin by damaging its weak points first. Once you break them completely, you’ll be able to damage the ship normally.

Additionally, if you want to farm it, find other players who are interested in doing the same quest and wait for them to spawn the ship. Alternatively, explore the map and keep an eye out for it while doing quests, as it can spawn anywhere.

Did you manage to defeat the Ghost Ship easily? If you managed to find it in any other location afterward, please let us know in the comments below!

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