Counter Strike 2: How to Get More Crates & Keys in CS2?

Are you trying to get more crates and keys in CS2? Here’s how to test your luck and unlock more skins in Counter Strike 2.

There are various ways to get cases in the game but only one way to get keys. Cases can be earned for free by playing the game and claiming the weekly care package while keys can only be purchased through real money.

In this guide, I will explain how to get cases and keys in Counter Strike 2 to help you unlock some new rare skins and hopefully a knife or gloves.

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How to Get Crates in CS2

How to get more cases and keys in CS2.

To get more crates in CS2, there are various methods. Some are easier but more costly, while others are free but take more time and effort to complete. Here are all the ways to get cases in Counter-Strike 2:

  • Weekly Care Package – Grants you various rewards for your first level up, once per week but requires having the Prime Status Upgrade from the Steam market.
  • Steam Market – From the Steam client, select ‘Community’, then ‘Market’. Select Counter-Strike 2 from the right side and in the search bar, type ‘Case’. You’ll see all the available cases there and you can buy them with real money.
  • In-Game Drops – After completing each game, you have a chance of getting a random skin or case for free. The chances are higher when games last longer but are still fairly low so it’s not the most consistent method.

Keep in mind that each case grants different skins, with the best rewards ranging between knife and glove skins.

Once you select ‘Unlock Case’ from any crate in your inventory, you’ll be able to see all the skins inside. Additionally, you can right-click on any skin and select ‘View on market’ to see its exact value.

But having a case isn’t enough to get the skin. You also need to get keys.

How to Get Keys in CS2

How to get more cases and keys in CS2.

To get keys in Counter Strike 2 there is only one way and that’s by buying them. Select the case you want to open from your inventory, right-click on it, and select ‘Unlock container’.

This will lead you to a menu where you can buy keys for the case you have. Keep in mind that each case has its own unique keys, so make sure to use this method to buy the right ones.

After that, you can unlock the case by right-clicking on it and selecting Unlock. Then, you’ll have a chance to get any of the skins included in the case.

Keep in mind that if you’re looking for a specific skin, it’s better to buy it directly from the community market. Opening cases is a huge gamble and I recommend avoiding it unless you’re doing it for fun.

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Wrapping up

In conclusion, to get more cases in CS2, play the game, claim the weekly care package, or buy them from the community market.

To get keys in Counter Strike 2, the only option you have is to buy them by selecting the case you want to open and choosing ‘Unlock case’. Just make sure to buy the right key as each case requires a different one.

Which case are you planning to open? Which skin are you hoping for and what did you get? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

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