Cabin Crew Simulator Codes: Redeem for Free Goodies [NEW Codes!]

Check out this complete list of codes for Cabin Crew Simulator in Roblox. Redeem these codes within Cabin Crew Simulator to get various freebies and goodies in the game – list UPDATED with new codes!

This list is actually updated at least on a monthly basis with new codes (while old, non-working ones are removed). So read on to check them out!

Cabin Crew Simulator Codes Wiki – Full List

Cabin Crew Simulator Screenshot
The starting screen of the game, one that you certainly know very well

Cabin Crew Simulator comes as a breath of fresh air in Roblox, offering a different experience from your regular fighting, Naruto-inspired experiences (not that we have anything against them).

But, as you probably saw already, managing an airline and being a flight attendant is not easy. But it gets easier with some freebies – and that’s exactly what you will get by using the Cabin Crew Simulator working codes below.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page and check back regularly, as we’re updating it often (at least on a monthly basis) with new codes.

Here are the latest working codes for Cabin Crew Simulator in Roblox:

  • airstairs – Redeem for 1,200 SkyBux
  • service – Redeem for 1,400 SkyBux
  • snow: Redeem for 1,600 SkyBux
  • boba: Redeem for 1,500 SkyBux
  • galley: Redeem for 1,100 SkyBux
  • pilot: Redeem for 1,000 SkyBux
  • jetway: Redeem for1,200 SkyBux
  • landing: Redeem for 1,200 SkyBux
  • captain: Redeem for1,200 SkyBux
  • badge: Redeem for 1,400 SkyBux

IMPORTANT: Make sure to type the Cabin Crew Simulator codes above exactly as they are typed, respecting the same capitalization.

It’s best to simply copy and paste them, to make sure that you get them correctly (but double check that there is no empty space at the end of the word!)

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How to redeem codes in Cabin Crew Simulator

Cabin Crew Simulator How to Redeem Codes
Easy way to redeem the codes in Cabin Crew Simulator

If you’re wondering how to redeem the codes above to earn the goodies they offer, here’s a quick guide – as you can see above, it’s very easy!

  1. Launch the game in Roblox and start playing.
  2. From the left side menu, click the icon that looks like a Gift Box.
  3. Write the code in the new window and click “Claim”.

And this is it! Now you know how to redeem the codes above for Cabin Crew Simulator in Roblox.

How to get more codes for Cabin Crew Simulator?

The best way to make sure you’re up to date with the latest codes for Cabin Crew Simulator is to bookmark this page and check back often. We are updating it at least on a monthly basis with fresh codes (if any are released).

The game’s developers constantly release additional codes on social media platforms, especially on Twitter / X. So make sure to follow them there, as well as Discord and the official Roblox Group (where you can get free SkyBux too!)

Make sure to follow all these platforms if you want to be among the first to find out about the new codes.

Usually, though, they won’t expire extremely fast, and you can still find them on this page without having to do all the digging yourself.

Final words

All the codes above should be redeemed as soon as possible, as they might expire without warning.

And when you’re done getting all the goodies, you might also be interested in even more articles sharing codes for your favorite games: Mortal Kombat Onslaught codes, Dungeon Hunter 6 Codes or Tales of Yokai Codes.

Finally, if you do stumble upon any new codes that were not listed above yet – or if any of the ones listed are no longer working, please comment below and let us know so that this list can be updated ASAP.

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