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Wreak Havoc as a Goose In New Game by Indie Team House House


House House, indie developers of the hilariously wacky Push Me Pull You, have announced that an untitled goose game is in development. Yes, a game where you play as a goose. A goose that terrorizes a poor groundskeeper and his garden. We’re already sold.

The tentatively titled Goose opens with you – the goose – lovingly picking up a sandwich… and then promptly dropping it in the garden pond. Such is the way of the goose, and it’s just a small preview of things to come. The goose has a to-do list – with very neat handwriting might we add – that lists their objectives. Your day as a goose is booked with important duties such as “make the groundskeeper wear his sun hat” and “have a picnic”. Urgent matters indeed.

Goose plays like a top-down stealth/exploration game where you can mess with anything, and we mean anything, around you. You’ll need to be creative to complete the goose’s objectives, like the trailer shows. To get into the garden, the goose will need to cause a commotion loud enough so that the groundskeeper unlocks the gate and comes to examine the noise. The goose accomplishes this by turning on a radio and running around with it wildly. You can also sneak up on the groundskeeper and let out a quick honk to surprise him and get him to drop his keys.

Of course, you’re a goose, and goose aren’t exactly known for their subtlety. There’s a dedicated button for honking, and if you so wish, you can be what geese are known for: non-stop honking birds of doom. Running around the garden honking every where you go is always a valid option! There’s even a small snippet at the end of the trailer that shows not one but TWO geese on the screen honking at the groundskeeper. Dare we say… co-op honking action?

The delightfully silly Goose is coming 2018.

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