Wild Hearts: Best Weapons in the Game

Wild Hearts is an Action-Adventure game that tasks its players to master ancient technology and hunt down massive beasts.

To complete this task, players are given 8 weapons to use throughout the game. In this guide, I will go over the weapons from worst to best.

Mind you the worst weapon does not mean the weapon is useless, but if you would want the most powerful option you will know what to expect and what to use.

Here is a quick overview of the best weapons in Wild Hearts.

  1. Karakuri Staff
  2. Claw Blade
  3. Nodachi
  4. Bladed Wagasa
  5. Karakuri Katana
  6. Maul
  7. Bow
  8. Hand Cannon

If you enjoy using a specific weapon, that is low on the list do not worry. Games are meant to be enjoyed, you should play it the way you want to, and no matter what anyone says have fun with it.

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Wild Hearts: Best Weapons

8. Wild Hearts: Hand Cannon

Wild-Hearts-Best-Weapons-in-the Game-Hand-Canon
  • Difficulty to use: Medium
  • Attack Speed: Medium
  • Attack Damage: Medium
  • Mobility: Low

The Hand Cannon is the heaviest ranged weapon in Wild Hearts.

It is the most technically challenging of all the weapons in the game, with a limited amount of ammo and the fact that it can overheat.

You will need to work around this, by finding a balance between doing damage and taking breaks to allow the weapon to cool down.

To reload your ammo, you will need to stand in the Ki Base area, to slowly regain it. Unfortunately, this means you will be forced to stay in one spot until it is ready.

As you land shots on enemies, you’ll charge a special gauge. When charged, you can unleash multiple shots that will deal massive damage to your enemies. This is one of the toughest attacks, but you will need the practice to pull it off consistently.

7. Wild Hearts: Bow

Wild-Hearts-Best-Weapons-in-the Game-Bow
  • Difficulty to use: High
  • Attack Speed: Medium
  • Attack Damage: Medium
  • Mobility: Medium

The Bow has two types of attacks players can use. It has a single focused arrow and a burst of weaker arrows. Swapping between these two types of attacks increases your damage.

It is a great weapon that lets you deal damage from a distance while allowing you the ability to remain nimble on the battlefield. If the enemy approaches you, dash away, get behind them, and unleash a barrage of arrows.

Though not as powerful as the Hand Cannon, the speed the Bow gives the players makes all the difference.

6. Wild Hearts: Maul

Wild-Hearts-Best-Weapons-in-the Game-Maul
  • Difficulty to use: High
  • Attack Speed: Low
  • Attack Damage: High
  • Mobility: Low

The Mauls is a monster of a hammer, that can deal an extreme amount of damage.

Most players should be patient and wait for the right moment to strike. Brave players could even throw caution to the wind, and go head first to take down any enemy that stands in their way.

Like many other weapons in the Wild Hearts, the Maul can transform slightly and increase its range. Though not too drastic, you will be able to chain your swings together to unleash powerful combos.

The Maul while not the best, can be the best weapon to have fun with in Wild Hearts.

5. Wild Hearts: Katana

Wild-Hearts-Best-Weapons-in-the Game-Katana
  • Difficulty to use: Easy
  • Attack Speed: Medium
  • Attack Damage: Medium
  • Mobility: Medium

The Katana is the starting weapon all players will get in Wild Hearts.

It is a nimble and powerful melee weapon, with basic downward slashes, strong lunge attacks, and a heavy blow that you can weave together into powerful combos.

The many Karakuri you can use will augment your Katana, and open a variety of unique uses for the Katana. Though the Karakuri are unique to the Katana, they give a balance between power and speed chained into powerful attacks.

The Katana’s special attack, allows you to transform it into something close to a whip. It attacks in a wide arc, making it an excellent finisher to whittle down bosses.

4. Wild Hearts: Bladed Wagasa

Wild-Hearts-Best-Weapons-in-the Game-Bladed-Wagasa
  • Difficulty to use: Medium
  • Attack Speed: Medium
  • Attack Damage: Medium
  • Mobility: Medium

The bladed Wagasa is a weapon-styled umbrella, that allows you to leap around and unleash a flurry of attacks.

The spin dance attack can be used both on the ground and in the air. This will be your main form of damage in most fights.

The Bladed Wagasa has a parry ability that shields you from incoming attacks. Though, this parry is not recommended to be used as a defensive maneuver.

You should use it to move around, and counter incoming attacks, while you stop attacking and fill your special gauge faster. This weapon is all about moving fast and dealing small hits while slowly taking down your enemy.

Though you may have better options, for me, it is the best and most fun weapon to use in Wild Hearts.

3. Wild Hearts: Nodachi

Wild-Hearts-Best-Weapons-in-the Game-Nodachi
  • Difficulty to use: Medium
  • Attack Speed: Low
  • Attack Damage: High
  • Mobility: Low

The Nodachi is a really big sword and that is pretty much all that you need to know.

It has very high damage potential, which is offset by its low attack speed and low mobility. You can use normal swings that will crash down on your enemies, or you can use a spinning slash that will deal damage in a wider arc.

The Nodachi’s special attack is a devastating downward slam that will devastate most enemies. Be careful though, because it has a bit of a wind-up time, so be careful when you begin to do it.

The best way to utilize the Nodachi is to exploit the recovery window enemies have, and do your damage then. Be patient not to leave yourself open for a counterattack, and then watch the attack pattern and deal lots of damage.

2. Wild Hearts: Claw Blade

Wild-Hearts-Best-Weapons-in-the Game-Claw-Blade
  • Difficulty to use: Easy
  • Attack Speed: High
  • Attack Damage: Low
  • Mobility: High

The playstyle of the Claw Blade is focused on moving fast.

You will fly around the map while hitting the enemies with quick slash attacks. When the enemy is vulnerable, you will be able to latch onto a Giant Kemono with a hook and pull yourself toward them.

One of the side effects of this type of playstyle is that it tends to be weaker compared to other options, but the ability to move around quickly and focus on weak points with precision, is more than enough to make up for the difference.

1. Wild Hearts: Karakuri Staff

Wild-Hearts-Best-Weapons-in-the Game-Karakuri-Staff
  • Difficulty to use: Hard
  • Attack Speed: Medium
  • Attack Damage: Medium
  • Mobility: Medium

The Karakuri Staff offers a variety of forms that cater to any playstyle. The staff is versatile and complex to use. The many forms it has require a lot of practice to perfect, but it will be well worth the effort.

With its many mutations, the staff will give you the best option to counter any challenge you will face. When you want to use ranged attacks, you will have the shuriken, and for a powerful melee attack, you can shuffle between the Staff, Tonfa, and Pike.

The Karakuri Staff doesn’t lock you into one of those playstyles, though, and it lets you easily chain them together for creative combos.

Performing these combos builds up to a powerful Juggernaut Slash, which unleashes a massive Nodachi-style sword, that deals a powerful finishing blow.

This way you can benefit from the heavy attacks like you would from weapons like the Nodachi or the Maul, but without the drawbacks those weapons have. You can simply just switch to a faster weapon, to maneuver the way around the battlefield.

This versatility of the Karakuri staff makes it the best weapon to use in Wild Hearts.


In conclusion, these have been all the best weapons in Wild Hearts.

With something for either melee or ranged attacks most players will find something they feel comfortable with. Go out and hunt the Kemono to your heart’s content.

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Let us know in the comments down below which weapons are your favorites to use, and what would you suggest players try.


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