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WB Games Clears Up the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War DLC Mess

In the sequel to 2014’s Middle-Earth: Shadow of MordorMiddle-Earth: Shadow of War, there’s going to be a very important piece of DLC for the game. Michael Forgey of Monolith Productions, the developers behind the series, was the Executive Producer on the game. During the game’s early development cycle in 2015, Forgey was unfortunately diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer that was inoperable. A YouCaring fundraiser was set up to help provide for his family and deal with medical bills.

Though he fought valiantly, sadly Forgey passed away March 2016. Monolith Productions and WB Games were deeply sadden by the loss of a beloved colleague and friend, so they decided to immortalize him in a legendary way: create an in-game character that looked like him in Shadow of War. Enter the Forthog Orc-Slayer, a mysterious orc who will show up to save you should you ever be caught in a sticky situation – a touching nod to Forgey encouraging the team to keep pushing on even during the hardest times.

Everything started to sound even sweeter when WB Games announced that it was paid DLC. The Forthog Orc-Slayer DLC would cost $4.99, and each purchase would go towards Forgey’s family. Sounds good, right? Well things got mucked up a bit when WB announced that while the DLC could be purchased worldwide, only purchases inside the U.S. and specific states would count towards the donations, leading people to become suspicious of where the other funds were going. The problem was compounded by a miscommunication from the official Shadow of War twitter account stating that international purchases would NOT go towards the donations.

Today, WB Games has published an official statement on the matter. To settle things once and for all, they’ve made the final decision to make the DLC completely free to all players. WB Games instead will make a direct donation to the Forgey family, and any players who have pre-purchased the DLC will be given a full refund. We’re pleased that things have cleared up, and if you’re interested in helping the Forgey family out as well we’ve included a link at the top of the article.

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