Valheim: How to Find Silver

Silver ore is the next upgrade after iron and it is an essential step in progressing through the biomes in Valheim.

Similar to previous ores, players will need a large supply of silver ore to craft the required crafting upgrades and equipment.

Also, getting silver-crafted equipment is essential for progressing in the next biomes of Valheim, including the Plains and the newly-added Mistlands.

In this guide, I will explain how to get silver ore in Valheim, showcase how to get and use the Wishbone, and list all items that can be crafted with silver.

How to Get Silver in Valheim

Explore the Mountain biome in Valheim to find silver.
Explore the Mountain biome in Valheim to find silver.

Silver ore can only be founded in the snowy Mountain biome in the world of Valheim.

Before setting off to find silver, make sure to be prepared with the proper equipment. First, you’ll need Frost Resistance to ensure you can survive the sheer cold in the mountains.

This can be acquired through Frost Resistance Mead, Wolf Fur cape, and Lox cape.

Now that you’re ready to explore the Mountain biome, let’s see how to find silver.

The vast majority of silver ore is located underground. However, there is a small chance of finding silver on the surface.

While the chances are extremely small, and I don’t recommend trying it, if you’re feeling lucky you can go exploring the mountains hoping to find silver on the surface.

Otherwise, to find silver underground, you’re going to need the Wishbone item.

Also, while it is possible to locate underground silver by using a Sledgehammer and hitting the ground until you see a “too hard” message, it’s much easier to do it with a Wishbone.

How to Get and Use the Wishbone in Valheim

You can see the Wishbone pulsing strongly while above silver ore in Valheim.
You can see the Wishbone pulsing strongly while above silver ore in Valheim.

The Wishbone is an accessory item (similar to the Megingjord), which is gained after defeating the Bonemass boss in the Swamp biome.

Place it in your inventory and right-click on it to equip it in the accessory slot.

Then, run around the Mountain with the Wishbone equipped until it starts pulsing (emitting a green light). The stronger the pulse, the closer you are to a silver ore vein.

When it starts pulsing, start walking around in different directions until the Wishbone starts pulsing rapidly. Then, dig down and you’ll find silver ore.

Additionally, the Wishbone can be used in the Swamp biome to find muddy scrap piles and in the Meadows biome to locate buried treasure.

Lastly, keep in mind that silver ore cannot be transferred via portals and you’ll have to walk back to get it in your base.

All Items Craftable With Silver in Valheim

How to get the Wolf's armor set and the Frostner in Valheim.
How to get the Wolf’s armor set and the Frostner in Valheim.

After bringing the silver ore back to your base, combine it with coal in a Smelter to turn it into silver ore.

Silver ore is a valuable resource that is necessary for crafting the next tier of items in Valheim.

Specifically, here’s everything you can craft with silver ore.

  • Crystal battleaxe
  • Drake helmet
  • Wolf armor chest
  • Wolf armor legs
  • Wolf fur cape
  • Draugr fang
  • Fang spear
  • Flesh rippers
  • Frostner
  • Silver arrow
  • Silver knife
  • Silver shield
  • Silver sword
  • Linen cape (Plains)
  • Lox cape (Plains)
  • Himmin afl (Mistlands)
  • Wisplight (Mistlands)

In addition, players can craft two new buildings: the butcher’s table (cauldron upgrade) and the treasure chest (decoration).

I highly recommend starting with the Wolf fur cape, since it will provide frost resistance and you won’t need to craft mead anymore.

Wrapping up

To sum up, that’s everything you need to know on how to get silver in Valheim, how to use the Wishbone, and what to craft with the newly-acquired silver ore.

Now that you’re progressing through the Mountains biome, perhaps it’s time to get you a bit excited for what’s to come in the game. If you don’t mind small spoilers, check out our full magic guide in Valheim Mistlands.

What’s your favorite silver weapon in Valheim? What do you think about the Mountain biome so far, compared to the previous biomes? Let us know in the comments below.


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