Unpopular Opinion: Why Gambling Can Be Beneficial Too

When people talk about gambling, it’s easy for them to connect this to problems like gambling addiction and huge monetary losses. This is understandable as a statistic shows that three to five out of 100 gamblers are most likely dealing with gambling problems.

The United States alone is spending over 4.5 billion US dollars each year on betting or wagering alone. Casino games revenues are up to 50 billion US dollars. Around 23 million Americans are in debt because of this and the average estimated money loss because of their wagering is around 55,000 US dollars.

There are also people who still see gambling as something that’s immoral, and this is mainly because of their beliefs and practices. However, there are still some people who turn gambling as their professional career.

Aside from playing real money casino games, another form of gambling that is as popular is sports betting. Sports betting is mainly popular in Europe and the US. Punters wager on sports like football, soccer, horse racing, and basketball. Some of the least popular yet thriving sports that people wager on are cricket, golf, and volleyball.

There are indeed people who take sports betting very seriously that they make sure they follow everything about the sports that they are wagering on. This includes following all gaming seasons, reading news about their teams and checking sites with tips and strategies like reading football of cricket predictions.

What a lot don’t understand is that it’s completely possible to make a living out of sports betting or gambling in general. Although, it’s still true that not everyone can be lucky about it.

Some of the popular names when it comes to professional gambling are Kerry Packer, Archie Karas, and Brian Molony. Even celebrities are into it too. Ben Affleck, Charlie Sheen, Matt Damon, and Michael Jordan are also known for their gambling sprees.

Now, even if many still link gambling to a series of problems and issues, it actually still has positive effects too. These are things that are easily covered by the negativity that surrounds the industry. However, these positive effects can still be very impactful.

Since not a lot are well-aware of this, here are some reasons why gambling can be beneficial too.

  • Helps the local economies

It is already established that the gambling industry is worth billions and billions of dollars. Currently, it’s worth is already over 250 billion US dollars. It is expected to worth over 500 billion USD by 2023 with a growing CAGR of around 4 percent.

These are numbers that many government officials appreciate. The revenue that a local gambling industry can bring on the table can be very beneficial to many states. This is why as of now, the majority of the US is already looking at legalizing many forms gambling.

An example is how sports betting was proclaimed legal by the federal law in May 2018. Many states immediately worked on allowing sports betting in their territories. In fact, there are now 42 states in the US that are moving to legalize sports betting.

This just shows how many government officials and people believe that it could help boost their economies. Some states are bringing the legalization of sports betting or gambling to a public vote. Colorado will soon vote for it this year.

  • Great way to entertain a person

When you ask people why they gamble, it’s simply because they enjoy it. Whether they are wagering on sports or are playing casino games, gambling is simply entertaining. It’s a great past time as long as you don’t lose control.

A research conducted on gambling’s effect on people’s happiness found that happiness levels in their participants increased when they have them play casino games like blackjack and poker. The happiness levels were compared to the levels that their participants have when they had them watch TV and sit alone.

  • Can improve your health

Since gambling is a great form of entertainment, it’s just easy to conclude that it could help you deal with stress. A study even found that gamblers tend to have fewer instances of bad health indicators compared to the instances that non-gamblers have.

This could be because of the increased activity whenever people gamble. They become more social and active. Cognitive stimulation is also part of playing and wagering. Punters get to exercise their brains and that could help their mental health tremendously.

  • Great way to earn money

Professional gamblers would simply agree to this. When taken seriously, wagering can quickly become a great source of income. In sports betting, studies have to be made before placing any bets. Strategies also need to be implemented.

In short, bettering the chances of winning will really include hard work. This is why it’s not really advisable to turn this into a career right away. It’s best to decide on this if you see yourself as an expert in analyzing the games that you can wager on.

  • Can be a safe environment

Gambling is also easily associated with the visuals of casinos where drugs, alcohol, and mental health problems take place. However, gambling can take place in a safe environment. When you visit decent casinos, you’ll see how ell-regulated the place is.

Online gambling even offers safety for online players. This makes its easy for players to track their time and the amount that they spend. Fraud and rigged gameplays are just getting harder to come by. The bottom line is that gambling isn’t really the problem. It’s how people gamble that could make it a very bad problem.

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