Town Star Tips & Tricks to Play a Better Game [Beginner’s Guide]

Town Star is one of the leading products in Gala Games’ list of titles. Its main attraction is that it is a play-to-earn blockchain game where you create Towns and try to secure a steady income of coins using limited resources.

Nothing is better than playing a relaxing game and making some money out of it and today I am here to help you get better at that by sharing some Town Star tips and tricks for maximizing income.

I’ve already written an article about the best NFTs in Town Star – make sure to read that as well in order to boost your daily earnings.

With all these in mind, let’s take a look at some Town Star tips and tricks to become the best town.

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1. Secure a good Starting Town

The first step to playing better in Town Star is to have a plan, and start your town according to that plan.

You have different terrains to choose from that will most likely determine the goods you will produce and sell, as well as the production properties you will build.

Secure a good Starting Town

Starting in the Forests will let you get more lumber, Plains will have more pastures for animal grazing, Desert will have more Oil Seeps to drain oil from, and setting up next to Rivers help you start farms better.

For the Ice terrain, well, there is no real advantage from starting there so just start a town somewhere else.

2. Be Smart about Nearby Resources

Once you have placed your town, you will start with the same buildings and basic strategy as any other player. All beginner players will fund their town and store coins with either a milling or livestock business.

However, what makes your town different from others are the main goods produced and sold in the future. If you need some help choosing one, then here is the official list of sellable goods in Town Star.

Have you chosen your main sellable goods? Then let us list some of the best goods to sell and how to effectively build your production fields and factories for them.

3. Easy Forest and Lumber Trick

Easy Forest and Lumber Trick

Starting in the Forest is considered one of the best terrains in the game. It is the terrain with most trees and one of the starting resources you will need is wood.

With wood, you can either sell woods early for more early money or use them to create more lumber.

Aside from wood, ponds are also abundant in Forest terrains that can either be sold or used for future production.

There are also lots of player towns in Forest terrains since, as said before, it is one of the best areas a beginner player can start a town in.

However, you might need to spend some coins to remove all the obstacles and useless debris around the area.

4. Easy Plains and Farm Trick

Easy Plains and Farm Trick

Unlike the Forest terrain, the Plains terrain has little to no obstacles and debris to delay your town building. At the same time, there are still trees and ponds you can sell or use in the future.

With the amount of open area, you can place as many buildings as you can early in the game as long as you have the money for it. Pastures are also great for ranches where you can easily create an efficient production of poultry goods such as eggs and milk.

NFT buildings you may have bought from the Town Star Store may also be easier to place with the open areas you have.

5. Advanced Desert and Oil Trick

Advanced Desert and Oil Trick

The next best terrain you can choose is the Desert terrain with the open spaces and Oil Seeps that is abundant in it.

This strategy is a little bit more advanced since there are little to no early resources to sell like lumber or ponds.

It must be noted, however, that you can Oil Seeps for early gold or leave it for the future. Because of this, you will need to spend more time and patience to pull this off.

The start this plan, you will need to store coins from starting a town in other terrains or buy NFTs from the Town Star Store to help your town early such as Bot Helpers, and Production Boosters.

After getting enough coins and resources, then start building more water resources and Refineries or Oil Pumps for Crude Oil.

6. Terrain, Towns, and Resources

In conclusion, you will need a clear game plan right from the start to make things easier in the future.

Otherwise, you might have to start over and over again until you get lucky or spend money to buy NFTs in the Town Star Store to help you out.

The main factors you will need to understand are Terrain, Towns, and Resources. All of these game mechanics will deeply affect your performance from the start until the future.

Other game mechanics like goods, resources, and wages are also important, but the start and end goals will always factor in the efficient use of the first three game mechanics mentioned.

Wrapping up

The tips and tricks I have shared above will surely help you get a head start in Town Star and play an overall better game.

If you still have additional tips and tricks that you’d like to share with the community, don’t hesitate to let us all know by posting below.

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