Tower of Fantasy: How to Get the New Summer Outfit [Full guide]

Have you checked out the new Seaside Vacation outfit in Tower of Fantasy yet? It’s really beautiful and only available for a limited amount of time. But worry not, I’m here to tell you everything you need to know to unlock it and make it your own.

Among many other rewards, Tower of Fantasy will be rewarding this exquisite outfit in the Summer Seabreeze event that will last from August 22 to 23:00 (UTC-4), August 29.

This event comes with more than fifteen different rewards, but the Seaside Vacation outfit has caught everyone’s eyes, including mine! Make sure to also read how to change your Avatar in the game to be ready for the new outfit!

How to Get the New Summer Outfit?

Here’s the beautiful Seaside Vacation outfit everyone is drooling over!

In order to get the new outfit in Tower of Fantasy, you must complete a bunch of steps.

Firstly, the “Ecological Station Intruders” story must be finished with 100% completion. This should let you access the Summer Seabreeze event in the Rewards menu.

Using your Gachapon coins (you get 5 coins as a login reward every day during the event), you can pull items from the event reward draw, where the Seaside Vacation outfit is available.  

If you already own Gachapon coins, you can draw as many as 10 items at once – which might increase your chances of getting the outfit. And if you’re feeling lucky, make sure to check out which are the best SSR relics in ToF – you’llbe very happy if you manage to get those too.


While the process of getting the new summer outfit in Tower of Fantasy is pretty straightforward, the odds of actually getting it isn’t amusing at all.

You have only about 0.12% chances of racking up the Seaside Vacation outfit from the draw itself. You’d need some luck – but it is not impossible.

At the same time, if you’re ready to pour in some sweet cash, your chances of getting the outfit increase. Your choice.

Just like I mentioned before, there are more than fifteen items in the draw, with almost all of them upholding a better probability of dropping. So you need to grind hard if you really want this outfit.

The only other items that match the probability of this beautiful outfit are the Salty Wave Avatar Frame, the Kitty Coast player Avatar and the Animal Hairpin.

There are also other items in the draw such as the Red nucleus, the Colossus Arm Shard and Weapon Augment Kit Box.

How to Increase the Chances of Getting the Seaside Vacation Outfit?

If you’re not willing to spend any money, your luck will ride only on the free 5 Gachapon coins you’ll receive every day. Without some amazing luck, the chances of getting the outfit are low.

You can purchase Gachapon Coins using Dark Crystals. However, you’d need 100 Dark Crystals to purchase one coin!

So, that means, you’d probably need to purchase coins worth 10,000 Dark Crystals to ensure that you get the outfit.

You can grind and earn the Dark Crystals yourself, or pay actual money to purchase them in-game… either way, it’s not an easy quest.

Wrapping Up

In my humble opinion, it’s not worth it to spend so many Dark Crystals for an outfit that won’t affect your gameplay. You can rather use these to upgrade your weaponry or spend in areas that will strengthen you.

Tower of Fantasy should look into making these outfits available more easily for the players.

It is quite frustrating, even for me, to not be able to get such a beautiful summer outfit without having to depend on my luck or spend a large amount of Dark Crystals. 

If you do manage to get the outfit, you can consider yourself one of the luckiest people in the world! Go on and beautify your avatars!

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