Top VR Gaming Headsets of 2020

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If you’re keen on buying the best VR gaming headset for titles like Half Life: Alyx and others, there are quite a few choices available in the market today. However, not every VR headset is created the same.

We looked into the convenience, comfort and cost factor of various popular VR headsets, as well as their resolution and FOV, to arrive at two of the best options you can invest into today. Let’s tell you about them below.

Oculus Quest

The freedom delivered by untethered virtual reality is highly compelling to say the least. Despite spending endless number of hours using the other headset offerings of Oculus, and getting quite jaded, the experts still consider Quest to be the go-to gaming VR headset for all level of players.

It can simply wow everyone with its portability and power. Please note, it doesn’t deliver the same level of performance peak as Rift S, but practically speaking you’re quite unlikely to even notice that.

The Magic delivered by its pass-through cameras, enabling you to see everything happening in the actual world, and walking around in your environs is highly unique. It can be easily tossed inside any bag, making it more portable than any other VR headset.

At 571gm, Oculus Quest is quite lightweight, especially because it doesn’t need any cables, sensors or constrictive accessories (apart from the Touch Controllers). Furthermore, you don’t need to connect it to any powerful or massive gaming PC for it to work.

Quest can even be tethered to your regular PC. While that functionality is in beta right now, it does work. For this, you can buy any good quality USB 3 cable, or invest into a custom and premium optical fibre cable offered by Oculus themselves.

Although it won’t deliver the Rift S experience for you, you’d still be able to play games which require a PC. It is undeniably a VR headset which delivers quite convincingly on the promise of VR tech. The $ 399 it costs is definitely a steal!

Samsung Odyssey+

This gaming VR headset is Samsung’s upgrade of their earlier released Odyssey HMD. It has proven to be a major improvement on the original one, and in fact the best amongst the present crop of WMR (Windows Mixed Reality) headsets.

However, don’t get fooled by the category name as Samsung Odyssey+ is mainly a genuine VR headset. It is Microsoft’s eagerness for combining HoloLens with the same ecosystem as its Virtual Reality project, which is the reason behind this headset’s ‘Mixed’ nomenclature.

At 2880 x 1600, Samsung Odyssey+ offers an impressive high-resolution display for a headset of its category. It also makes the most of Samsung’s proprietary feature called anti-screen door, for reducing the fine-grained witnessed in most of the HMDs.

Resultantly, you can hardly see the screen-door effect in this one. On the whole, when combined with WMR’s inside-out tracking, you receive an excellent immersion level, not witnessed in many VR headsets.


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