Thetan Arena Tier List: Best Hero in the Game

If you want to increase your chances of winning when playing Thetan Arena, this Tier List will come in handy, as I am here to rank the best characters in the game.

Whether you’re playing the Battle Royale or the Death Match, coming out victorious in any of the four game modes will earn you Thetan coins (in-game currency) and NFTs – and this is something you always want more of.

While you get three heroes for free when you start playing the game, you’ll need to purchase the rest of your heroes from the store or marketplace. Let’s see which are the best, so your money is put to good use.

thetan arena best heroes

Similar to most tier lists, I’ve divided this tier list into four ranks: S (highest), A, B, and C (lowest).

I have considered several factors while creating this tier list, such as the role of the hero, the impact of the hero on the four game modes and the attributes of the hero among many others.

S Tier Heroes

  • Raidon
  • Kongkey
  • Chef Octopus
  • Durass
  • Mortal
  • Cala

The S Tier heroes are the most powerful characters in the game right now. These heroes are unbeatable if their skills are used correctly and efficiently and will easily win you matches.

Kongkey, for example, has the ability to inflict serious damage in close range and is speedier than all the other tanks in the game.

On the other hand, Marksman Durass can be a nightmare when her ultimate strikes! No other Marksman heroes are better than her in close combat, in my opinion.

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A Tier Heroes

  • Phoenix
  • El Dragon
  • Taekwon
  • Mary
  • Cluster
  • Breaker
  • Steelshot

A tier heroes are very powerful and dangerous characters. They may not have the flair of the S-tier heroes, but they can be quite impactful and decisive in winning you games.

For example, Taekwon is an impressive assassin with the ability to deal damage on multiple opponents at the same time. However, he does have limitations when we take AOE into consideration.

Moreover, the ability of Phoenix to bring itself to life with the Ultimate is just out of the world, right? But, it can get quite difficult to play him sometimes as even his normal attacks need you to aim correctly. 

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B Tier Heroes

  • Veinka
  • Bathos
  • Benjamin
  • Morrod
  • Big Papa
  • Rei
  • Shanna
  • Meiko
  • Velvet

B tier characters aren’t unplayable, but they need to have a more attractive skillset to move up into the S or A tiers. With relatively weaker Ultimates, the B tier heroes also have lesser speed and HP.

Big Papa is the favorite hero of lots of Thetan Arena players, especially those who are playing from the start. But, addition of new heroes has made Big Papa into more of a liability.

While Big Papa is still effective as a tank, his swiftness isn’t good enough and it can be frustrating to play him in Solo modes.

Another hero, who was a fan-favorite, in Shanna. While her 5-arrows Ultimate is still one of the deadliest attacks in the game, Marksman Shanna can be quite difficult to play because of the precise aiming that’s required.

C Tier Heroes

  • Serp
  • Culien
  • Destroid
  • Errant Ghost
  • Alien

I’d advise you to never go for C tier heroes unless they receive a huge buff in their attributes. C tier heroes are good for beginners to start off with.

These characters are relatively the weakest in the game and it’ll be quite impossible to win games with them when matched against A or S tier heroes.

While Culien’s ultimate sounds good, its attacks are very weak for a marksman with low DPS.

Errant Ghost can deal a good amount of damage with just the normal attack. However, the effect of Ultimate isn’t very different from the normal attack and doesn’t inflict much damage either.

How would you rank them? Do you agree with my tier list or are there any changes you would like to make? Feel free to share your opinions and tier lists in the comment sections below!

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