The Outer Worlds Nyoka Quest Bug: How to Fix It?

Nyoka is probably the last companion that you unlock in The Outer Worlds… but apparently you can be very unlucky and encounter an in-game bug that will make your life a lot more difficult.

We’re calling this the “Nyoka bug” since it’s related to her quest line and in today’s article we are going to talk about it and see what options we have to fix it.

IMPORTANT: If you didn’t get to Monarch in the game or if you haven’t met Nyoka yet, it might be best not to read on as there will be some spoilers!

Now, with all these in mind, let’s see what this Nyoka Bug is all about!

the outer worlds nyoka quest bug fix

Some players are having a problem unlocking Nyoka as a companion by completing her initial request for those Caffeinated Pills.

What happens is that the quest line won’t update after getting the pills and Nyoka won’t take them (since there is no dialog option to give them to her).

This is frustrating because Nyoka is not just one of the best companions in the game, but also very important for the main story.

How to fix the Nyoka Bug in The Outer Worlds

Fortunately, there are some things that you can try to sort this out, although none of them are ideal. We’ll go through the options that you have below, including a first potential problem that might not work at all (but it’s worth trying).

1. The first thing that you should try is make sure that the quest line is actually broken.

This means that after talking to Nyoka and getting the quest to bring her the pills, you should go to the Doctor and talk to her (use all the dialog options that you have and try to intimidate/persuade) and all.

Then, once you find out about the pills that are stashed upstairs, go there and hack the terminal, then steal the pills AND talk to the doctor again. If the quest line doesn’t update, then it’s time to try and find a workaround.

2. The easiest thing to do (especially if you save often) is to reload an older save, one before meeting Nyoka. Usually, getting back to Monarch and talking to her to receive the quest once again solves the problem and you’ll be able to complete it this time.

Note: Some players say that not using the Medicine skill dialog helps in getting on with the quest without a problem.

It all depends on where your last save is and it’s definitely not ideal… but probably the easiest thing to do.

3. Some players have reported that the quest line continues by itself if you go to the Devil’s Peak by yourself and carry on with the quest without Nyoka.

This is definitely not ideal, because you WILL NOT have Nyoka as a companion and won’t have the option to welcome her to the squad afterwards.

Alternately, you can just shoot her down in the bar, then loot her corpse for the location and progress from there on. Obviously, again, you won’t have Nyoka around.

For now, these are the solutions that you have to workaround this Nyoka bug and continue playing the game. Hopefully an official fix will come soon and we’ll have no problems with her.

If you manage to find a solution or workaround to this bug, don’t hesitate to let us all know by commenting below.

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