Terra Invicta: How to Hunt Down Aliens & Alien Councilors?

The world is being attacked. You may have heard that people are being taken by aliens all over the world. Or maybe there is a sudden rise in the number of people who want to help aliens. 

Maybe there are aliens living in remote parts of the countries you are in charge of. Or there is a new place where a UFO crashed.

Stay tuned to find out how to hunt those pesky aliens down.

You can choose 7 factions to play as in Terra Invicta. They are all very different from each other, but they all have something in common – Alien threat.

You will need to do anything in your power not just to deal with other nations and other factions, but you will need to occasionally hunt down aliens and their councilors.

In this guide, we will be talking about how to hunt down aliens and the alien councilors. Let’s get started.

How to Detect an Alien & Alien Councilor in Terra Invicta

Before you can kill the alien, you have to find it. Before you can see the alien, you have to do a few research projects. Alien movements are the research that lets you directly find aliens. 

It should be unlocked after you have looked into alien abductions and finished the relevant research.

To find the alien, you will also need a councilor who can look into other councilors, preferably one with a very high investigation level >10. 

You will also need a councilor who can start the “Assassination” mission and who has a high Espionage skill. Also, it is good to be around the 10 mark.

Also, an extra councilor with the Survey location mission is a great way to find out where the alien is hiding. 

If the alien is kidnapping people close to the councilor who is on an active surveillance mission, they could be found right away.

Lastly, make sure you have plenty of ops. You can do this by trading with other factions or buying orgs that give you operations. 

Prepare to spend 64 ops every mission phase for a month or two.

How to Find Aliens in Terra Invicta

There are 4 ways to quickly find the aliens:

  • Surveillance – Send a councilor with “Survey Location” to places where UFOs have crashed, where the number of servants in a country has suddenly risen, or to places where people have been taken. Keep an eye out for suspicious people in the area, especially a councilor you don’t know much about and can’t easily check out.
  • Luck – Some of the time, the alien just shows up. Most likely after having a major setback.
  • Xenoforming – Xenofauna can be spread by aliens. If you find a site with xenofauna, the alien is probably not too far away. You can start to look around to find the target.
  • Moves by councilors that seem odd – If a certain unidentified councilor only moves one space each turn, the target could be an alien.

Once you’ve found an unknown contact of interest, send your investigator to investigate the target. 

If it’s an alien, you’ll know when the mission is over when you get a message.

How to Hunt Down Aliens & Alien Councilors in Terra Invicta

Once the alien has been found, it’s time to greet it with heavy machine guns and sniper rifles.

Choose your councilor if you have a lot of Espionage. Tell them to kill the alien when they are given the mission. 

There are 5 very good tricks on how to hunt them down:

1. When the alien is in your territory, you should go after it. If you are in charge of a country’s security forces, you will have an advantage when attacking the alien.

2. Put all orgs that have to do with espionage on your executioner. Give them all the help you can.

3. Check out the alien several times before you attack. If you look into the target a few times, you get a bonus (intel on target). +5 is the biggest bonus you can get.

4. Put away your ops. You probably won’t get it on the first try. For now, don’t use ops in other missions.

5. If you have a councilor that can be taken over by an enemy, use them to attack the alien’s organizations. Taking orgs that make the alien’s defenses stronger is a good way to wear them down.

What happens when you Hunt Aliens Down?

When killing aliens, there are two things to keep in mind:

  • As you kill more aliens, it gets harder to kill them in the future. As you kill more aliens, it gets harder to kill alien councilors. Keep giving orgs and XP to your councilors to make sure that you can keep up.
  • Alien hate. The more aliens you kill, the angrier they all become. They could start bombing you from space or go straight for your space stations. Keep putting money into military technology to defend against these attacks.

You can also dissect the alien body once you have hunted it down.


That’s everything that you need to know on how to keep the Earth clean from all the uninvited alien life forms on it.

Once you know how to deal with the aliens you won’t have anybody interfering with your mission to take over the world.

Keep in mind that there are certain consequences that might happen if you go hunting down too many aliens. There are a lot of things that will happen in the late game.

I still recommend doing the assassinations, but not at a very high number and rate. Other than that, you should go for it.

I hope that this guide has helped you out on how to hunt down the aliens and their councilors on Planter Earth. Happy hunting!

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