Temtem Best Starter Guide (Which One to Choose?)

Figuring out the best starter in Temtem can be quite a puzzling task! How do you know which starter will give you the best results? Which starter do you choose to get a head start early on?

I’d say it all boils down to your approach and playstyle. In this Temtem best starter guide today, I’ll walk you through each of the starter creatures in the game and help you choose the best one for yourself!

Temtem Best Starter Guide

Prof Konstantinos’ lab

You’ll be provided the option to choose your Temtem starter when you visit Professor Konstantinos’ lab. You can select one of the three starter characters available, namely Crystle, Smazee, and Houchic.

The Temtem you choose will be your partner as you progress through the journey. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out on the other Temtem starters.

Although they’re quite rare, you’ll be able to tame and catch them in specific parts of the map.   



Crystle is a turtle-like creature with bright, orange eyes. The shell is made of crystal and the combination of Turtle and Crystal is where the name of the creature originates from.

Crystle is a Crystal temtem creature, which enables it to have strong defensive characteristics. Along with an HP of 60 and basic Defensive strength of 69, Crystle is also unaffected against several types like Wind, Water, and Digital among many.

Crystle Stats
Crystle Stats (Temtem Wiki)

This turtle is also highly effective against Electric and Mental types with impressive attacking stats along with the reduced damage taken.

However, it can be quite vulnerable in front of Fire and Earth types and these types inflict a greater damage to the character compared to any of the other types.

Nevertheless, the impressive HP level of Crystle allows it to stay alive for longer even against Fire and Earth types, increasing your chances to win battles.

I’d advise you to go for Crystle if you want to take a defensive approach as you move forward in the game.


Smazee with Prof Konstantinos

Introducing a creature that’s the total opposite of Crystle, Smazee is a highly-offensive Temtem and you’ll definitely have fun choosing it if you’re looking to go aggressive.

The speed and basic attacking features of Smazee are off the charts, boasting a value near 70 for both!

Smazee Stats
Smazee Stats (Temtem Wiki)

Smazee is the Melee type of Temtem and it can be quite dangerous to several temtem types, such as the Earth and Crystal types.

Another great thing about Smazee is that the only type of Temtems it’ll struggle against are the Mental types. These types aren’t that common towards the start of the game anyway, so you can fight off battles with Smazee easily.

However, since Smazee has outstanding offensive stats, the defensive aspects are quite poor. Both the HP and defensive levels aren’t as impressive and that can be an issue while facing stronger opponents.

Anyway, if you are more into knocking out opponents with the Martial Strike and Uppercut than staying alive, Smazee is the perfect Temtem for you!



Inhabiting the characteristics opposing Smazee, Houchic is an impressive Mental Temtem that you can choose as your starter.

While the other characters were focused in Offensive or Defensive capabilities, Houchic is specialized in Special Attacks and ability to take less damage from the special attacks of other Temtems.

Houchic’s high-speed trait complements its features extremely well, making it all the more difficult for the opponents to respond after getting inflicted by Houchic’s special attacks.

Houchic Stats
Houchic Stats (Temtem Wiki)

You might enjoy the effectiveness that Houchic brings in attack but its health levels are similar to Smazee – very low!

While Houchic’s strengths lie against Neutral and Melee temtems, creatures like Crystle can easily take Houchic down with a good move.

The stamina levels aren’t too poor but not very impressive either. Using too many special attacks can quickly drain Houchic’s stamina, making it unable to attack at all!

If you think you can create a good balance between implementing your special attacks and preserving the stamina levels, Houchic can be a game-changer for you!

Temtem Best Starter – Which one to choose?

As I mentioned above, the choice of Temtem starter solely depends on how you want to play the game.

Smazee Temtem

Personally, I like playing in an aggressive and attacking manner, since it gives me that adrenaline rush! Smazee is the perfect Temtem for me. I just love the attacking traits and mobility it brings!

On the other hand, taking it slow and playing defensive isn’t any crime either! Crystle will enhance your experience with its excellent defensive capabilities. You should definitely go for Crystle if you’re new to MMORPG games.

Houchic is a great choice for players who can create a good balance between attacking and holding back.

It doesn’t have the best attacking stats or HP, but the Special ATK stats are extraordinary and can take out opponents faster than any of the other starters.

I’d definitely recommend you to go for Houchic if you have some experience with MMORPG games and want to play semi-aggressive.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best starter in Temtem is important since you’ll only be fighting battles with your starter Temtem in the initial stages of the game. Life’s just going to be difficult if you can’t play to its traits and abilities.

I have covered all the information you may need to choose the perfect starter for yourself in Temtem. So, what are you waiting for?! Go on and ace it in the Airborne Archipelago!

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