Tears of the Kingdom: How to Stop Rain and Lightning

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a sequel to the highly acclaimed launch title of the Nintendo Switch. While fixing a lot of issues players had with the original, unfortunately, some of the others are still there.

The game cycles through many weather conditions and different climates. One of the most troublesome to deal with is the rain and lightning. In today’s guide, I will go over how to stop the rain and lightning, in Tears of the Kingdom.

Rain can be a pain to deal with especially when you are trying to climb a mountain, or reach a high place. It makes Link slip back a few feet and drains your stamina at an alarming rate.

Players have two options at their disposal, to resolve these issues. The first one is to wait it out, either by idling someplace safe or creating a camp and sitting by the bonfire, jumping forward in time.

The other is to create and consume a sticky elixir that the time it lasts will depend on the monster part used.

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Tears of the Kingdom: Learning to Counter Rain


There is a quote that reads “After every storm, there is a rainbow”. Let me tell you something, even though I am taking the quote a bit out of context, these people never knew what it was like to try and climb a mountain while raining, in Tears of the Kingdom.

Your stamina is running out, you keep falling three steps back for every step you make, and you start to question every decision that leads to this very moment.

It is excruciating, and I prayed that the moment I decided to climb a mountain, was not the moment that the game decided that there was a 75% chance to rain.

Since then, glitches have been introduced for the original, but thankfully the sequel has ways to help players out, by giving them ways to counter or work around the rain.

The simplest way is to take out some wood from the inventory, light it up, and sit by the bonfire fast-forwarding time, hoping that the rain will be gone. You will need to find cover for the fire to remain lit, but that is just a small detail.

You can go into a cave, some hole on the cliffside. You can even use the new Ultra Hand ability to create a makeshift shelter but honestly, I just prefer to sit by the fire and watch the rain.

It gives me this sentimental feeling, and it allows me to take in the world at a pace where I can take a moment, and appreciate the small details that exist.


Much like its predecessor, Tears of the Kingdom does a fantastic job visually to capture these feelings.

The other way, that was introduced with this sequel is by creating, and consuming a sticky elixir. There are two ingredients needed to create this elixir.

To make the Sticky Elixir, you need to have either a Sticky Frog or a Sticky Lizard. These can be found in lots of places, but mostly live in caves and wells. So be sure to pick up any lizards that you see crawling on the ground.

Generally hoarding will serve you well in a game like this. The second item you will be looking for is monster parts. Nothing specific, any monster part you find will do the trick.

The time the Sticky Elixir lasts will depend on what monster ingredients you used in the process of creating it.

Though this will never be an issue, because you won’t need them for so long that the remaining time will be something that you will have to pay attention to.

Tears of the Kingdom: Learning to Counter Lightning


While it’s raining it is normal to expect lightning as a bonus present. Though it doesn’t create that much of a hassle, as rain does in the game.

Lighting is not so cut and dry, and it comes down to how you use it. Lightning can even be used to give players an advantage in some situations.

So here is a breakdown of how lightning works. If Link wears or carries any metal they will start flashing. Then electricity will start surging around you, and finally, you will be hit by a lightning bolt.

Link will take damage, most times lethal at that, and then get flung into the air. Fun! So if you don’t want that to happen the moment you notice, a yellowish-green spark, open the inventory.

Unequip anything that even resembles something metallic, and you will be safe. The magnetism will go away, and you will be safe.

You should also stick to using wooden equipment, and weapons. Also, the game has this handy little feature, where the items that are magnetized are highlighted, with a yellowish-green overlay. So you know what to avoid.

Final Thoughts

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers so much, and it does such a great job as a sequel. It improves on the original and creates an amazing, unforgettable experience.

No matter the weather, or the environment you find yourself in, now that you know how to stop rain and lightning, in Tears of the Kingdom you will be a force to be reckoned with.

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Weather effects can have many different responses from players, and that’s the magic of an open-world environment. It’s not just the missions, the sidequests, or even the enemies.

It’s the whole world, so let us know in the comments down below what is your favorite experience with rain in the game, as well as your worst experience.


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