Tears of the Kingdom: How to Help Addison

Poor little Addison is an overworked employee that can be found all over Hyrule. As part of Hudson Construction, he is tasked to make, and keep upright the signs of the business.

In today’s guide, I will go over how to help Addison, in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. An important job that Hudson has entrusted to him, that boils down to how will that sign stay upright.

So how do you help Addison with his problem? Easy. Make sure that the signs stay upright once he lets them go, with the materials you find nearby.

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Tears of the Kingdom: Hudson Construction Sign Sidequest


Hudson is a character that was in the original game. While in Link’s shoes, we helped him create Tarrey Town in Akkala Highlands, strike out on his own to create Hudson Construction, and even get married.

At the end of that quest, he ended up giving us another place to call home. Even if you end up building a home in Kakariko Village, Tarrey Town feels like a second home.

In Tears of the Kingdom, at various locations throughout Hyrule, Materials have been laid out by Hudson. Good for him, he is still alive, kicking, and happy.

Before each such location, there is a sign which reads: “Hyrule Restoration Materials Use this materials cache for all your building needs. Come find us if you’d like a dream home! -Hudson Construction”

Lo and behold along with those materials and signs, you will find poor little Addison being crushed by the high of expectations his boss. Such a great boss Hudson turned out to be.

Once you go over and talk to Addison, he will ask for your help and that particular sidequest will begin. Every single sign he has is missing a leg, and he needs something, or someone, or really something to hold it up so he can secure the sign in place.

Get ready to be annoyed every time you see him, because what he really needs is a nice kick in the shins. At some point, you will start to have thoughts about closing him in a stupid box, with his stupid sign.

Tears of the Kingdom: Helping Addison


So you found Addison and decide to help him. I have one question for you and some things to keep in mind to help you out.

Why aren’t you running away? Pretend you never saw him. Save yourself, it is too late for me. Jokes aside. Despite my mixed feelings toward poor little Addison, if you are like me, and want to see what is at the end of every sidequest I got you.

The whole point of these sidequests is to help the signs stand upright. For most of these puzzles, you will need to make use of the materials the Hudson Construction has left laying around Hyrule, and your new flashy Ultrahand to create a makeshift third leg.

When you first encounter Addison, his quest is pretty easy. There’s almost always materials immediately next to him and he’s nearly always on level ground. But as you progress through his quests things will get harder, and harder.

Materials go from being farther away, to being nowhere to be found. Then you will need to look for trees. Cut them down, and use them as makeshift materials. Remember that no matter how many you think are enough, they will never be enough.

And as you progress even further the uneven terrain will be even worse to deal with. So always keep in mind, just put him back in his box. Listen to me you are doing him a favor, you are keeping him safe from rain, and cold. It’s fine!

Final Thoughts

Sidequests are a really important part of open-world games, and if the players don’t feel rewarded enough they could end up feeling like a chore. Luckily enough among the many sidequests, even this one feels rewarding.

No matter the feelings that I expressed, I was really happy to see Hudson again after the first game. I was happy to help Addison with his problems.

Sidequests like these make your connection to the world genuine, and you realize how many people you helped out along the way. Especially now that you know how to help Addison, in Tears of the Kingdom.

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With so many sidequests in the game, you surely have a favorite, so let us all know in the comments down below which one is your favorite, and are you expecting to see any sidequests from the prequel coming back again in this game?


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