Tears of the Kingdom: How to Change Your Horse Mane

Players have many customization options while playing the game. Your horse is a trusted companion that will help you reach any place you want. Following Breath of the Wild’s footsteps the developers gave players the option to customize their horse’s mane.

Customization, as well as exploration, are the key points to the formula presented in these games. From changing your armor sets to fit a situation, to changing the armor’s color. In this guide, I will go over how to change your horse’s mane, in Tears of the Kingdom

When you’ve collected 16 points in the rewards program, you’ll get the ability to change your horse’s mane. This option will appear on the original customization menu.

It is really simple, and by accumulating these points you will be able to have one more personal aspect that represents who you are in the game. Details like these show how small things can go a long way.

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Tears of the Kingdom: Stables and the Pony Points System


Stables are places you will stumble upon that act as a hub to let you register and store your favorite horses, add saddles and harnesses, collect and redeem Pony Points and, of course, catch up on some sleep.

You’ll find 15 main stables across the game world with a few mini stables along the way for a total of 17 stables. These are all the locations of the main stables you can find in Hyrule.

  • Dueling Peaks Stable (West Necluda)
  • Outskirt Stable (South Central Hyrule)
  • Riverside Stable (Central Hyrule)
  • Wetland Stable (Central Hyrule)
  • Highland Stable (Faron)
  • Lakeside Stable (Faron)
  • Gerudo Canyon Stable (Gerudo Desert)
  • Woodland Stable (Eldin Canyon)
  • Foothill Stable (Eldin Canyon)
  • Tabantha Bridge Stable (Hyrule Ridge)
  • New Serenne Stable (Hyrule Ridge)
  • Snowfield Stable (Tabantha Tundra)
  • Lucky Clover Gazette (Tabantha Frontier)
  • South Akkala Stable (Akkala)
  • East Akkala Stable (Akkala)

These stables have a point system for players to earn Pony Points. The more Pony Points players earn on their Pony Points Card, the more valuable rewards they can be turned into.

There are three main ways to get Pony Points in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

  • The first is lodging at stables, which will earn you one Pony Point, but will cost you either 20 or 50 rupees depending on the type of bed you use.
  • The second is catching and taming any horse, then registering it at a stable. Each horse you register will cost you 20 rupees but will earn you one Pony Point.
  • The third is that there are a few stable-related quests that reward Pony Points, such as fixing the Lookout Landing stables.
Point TotalRewards
3 PointsTowing Harness
5 PointsHorse God Fabric
7 PointsMalanya Bed
10 PointsMaximum registered horses increased by one
13 PointsTraveler’s Saddle and Bridle
16 PointsMane Restyling Service
20 PointsMaximum registered horses increased by one
23 PointsKnight’s Saddle and Knight’s Bridle
26 PointsExtravagant Saddle and Bridle
30 PointsMaximum registered horses increased by one
35 PointsMaximum registered horses increased by one
40 Points50 percent off registering horses and lodgings
45 Points5 Sleepover Tickets
50 Points3 Endura Carrots
55 Points5 Sleepover Tickets
60 Points3 Endura Carrots

When you first arrive at any stable, you will only be able to register six horses in total. As shown in the Point Reward system, you can increase that maximum total by spending Pony Points.

Tears of the Kingdom: Changing the Horse’s Mane


Now that you have all the important information when it comes to stables, horses, and the Pony Point system. Let’s go over how to change the horse’s mane, in Tears of the Kingdom.

When you are at any Stable, talk to the stable hand and select the “Customize Horse” option. 

Once that is done, you can change things like the horse’s mane, the bridle, and the equipment based on what you have unlocked.

There are no limitations to how many times you can customize your horse. The moment you don’t like its appearance, you are free to go back, repeat the process, and pick a new set of everything for your horse.

Final Thoughts

Customization options are always welcome, and they feel rewarding for players who go out of their way to collect them. These options also allow for more unique rewards for completing quests.

Players feel rewarded, and it allows them to create unique experiences by giving them the ability to change something so basic, but at the same time so impactful as their appearances, and the appearance of their companion.

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Now that you know so much about stables, and how to change the horse’s mane, in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, let us know in the moments down below if you use these systems, and do have different horses registered, or do you prefer to have only one.


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