Best VR Headset to Watch Movies in 2022

best VR headset for watching movies

Facebook’s rebranding to Meta has breathed new life into the virtual/augmented reality industry. Headsets previously relegated to niche games have now diversified into other sectors. With virtual reality on the rise again, one popular question … Read more

Top VR Gaming Headsets of 2020

If you’re keen on buying the best VR gaming headset for titles like Half Life: Alyx and others, there are quite a few choices available in the market today. However, not every VR headset is … Read more

HTC Vive Pro Officially Announced

January 8 has come and HTC has officially announced the new successor to the Vive: introducing the Vive Pro! Officially announced at CES 2018, the HTC Vive Pro is a direct upgrade to the original … Read more