Solve Mysteries with Detective Pikachu

In 2016, The Pokémon Company created a rather… interesting Pokémon spin-off. We’re no strangers to Pokémon spin-off games – in fact, we like a lot of them, like the Mystery Dungeon series and of course the legendary Pokémon Snap. However, … Read more

ARMS Version 5 Brings a New Fighter

ARMS has been quite the shining example of how to support a game post-launch. Not even a year old, Nintendo has been steadily release content updates, balance patches, and of course new fighters to the … Read more

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Coming November

After about two years since its initial announcement, the mobile phone Animal Crossing game has finally resurfaced in the form of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! After a surprise announcement that the game would be getting its own … Read more