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October 2017’s Humble Monthly Revealed: Rise of the Tomb Raider, Furi, and More


It’s that special time of the month again! No, not that time of the month – it’s the time when Humble Monthly subscribers finally get to unwrap their monthly presents! For October we’ve got Wargame Red DragonFuri, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Orwell, Seasons After Fall, The Shrouded Isle, and finally Scanner Sombre.

Wargame Red Dragon is a military strategy game in which you combine the forces of all seventeen united nations under one goal: wipe the enemy out! Wargame lets you choose and command over 1,000 units that have been painstakingly recreated as historically accurate as possible. Strike from land, sea, and air using a variety of tactics to ensure that your foe stays on their toes at all times.

Furi is a slick, fast-paced dual-stick shooter dripping with style. A man has been captured by a mysterious force, and he spends most of his days facing unrelenting torture. One day, an enigmatic figure frees him and hands him a sword and a gun, encouraging him to fight for his freedom. Thus, Furi begins! Furi features cut-throat boss fights that will test every reflex you’ve got. Perfect for action game lovers!

Rise of the Tomb Raider, as the name suggests, tells the story of Lara’s upbringing. Being the first to discover an ancient mystery detailing the Lost City of Kitezh, Lara has caught the unwanted attention of a dangerous organization known as Trinity. Help Lara discover the Lost City and its secrets before Trinity beats her to the punch!

Orwell is probably the most unique game out of the bunch. Taking place in a country called the Nation, the authoritarian government passes a bill that allows the government to spy on its citizens for national security concerns. As you can probably the guess, the title of the game is a direct reference to author George Orwell’s 1984. The player must then watch random citizen live their lives and report anything suspicious. But, as they say, every action has a consequence…

If all of the above is a bit too heavy for you, why not relax with Seasons After Fall? It’s a 2D puzzle game where you play as a fox that can manipulate seasons at will. Boasting a beautiful art style and a fantastic soundtrack, Seasons After Fall is the perfect game to get lost in.

In The Shrouded Isle, you play as a high priest in charge of a cult. Your god underneath the ocean is on the verge of awakening, so now you must prune out the heretics. In this simulation management game, you’ll need to think through every choice as you keep your cult together. Players must make difficult decisions such as choosing which aristocratic families to enlist, which to ignore, and even who to sacrifice to your beloved god.

Scanner Sombre is a first-person adventure game. Waking up in a cave with no recollection of the events before, you soon find a VR headset and a LIDAR scanner. Now that you’re able to light way using dots, you’ll uncover an ancient mystery that should have remained a secret.

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August 2017 Humble Monthly Features Overcooked, Pillars of Eternity, and More


With every new month comes a new Humble Monthly, and this month’s bundle is quite the doozy! The first of the bundle is One Piece Burning Blood, an anime fighter based on the hit anime series. This is second (or third?) time a One Piece game has been in the Humble Monthly Bundle, and that’s pretty awesome! Burning Blood is a hectic mix of a 3-on-3 fighter like Marvel Vs Capcom and a 3D fighter.

The second game is Offworld Trading Company, a strategy game all about trading economics. As a new business starting up on the freshly colonized Mars, your job is to ensure the economy thrives and flourishes. Business is business though, so you’ll be competing with other rivals in the market who will stop at nothing to gain land on the Martian surface.

The third game is the breakout RPG Pillars of Eternity. Reminiscent of classic isometric PC RPGs like Bauldur’s Gate and Neverwinter NightsPillars of Eternity features a world full of wonder and amazement, and you get to explore it all with a party of your choosing. Create your own heroes, build relationships with NPCs, and take on ferocious monsters using a strategic combat system.

The fourth game in the bundle is NBA 2K17, the latest entry in the NBA 2K franchise. With a 90 on Metacritic, NBA 2K17 seems to be the premiere basketball game, but on Steam it’s got mixed reviews at the moment. The general consensus seems to be that its great for first timers looking for a neat basketball game, but veterans of the series might be a little more hard on it.

The fifth game is War for the Overworld, an RTS/dungeon management game. As a banished Underlord, it’s your time to rise! Build your dungeon to lure your enemies into dastardly traps, and take over the overworld as their defenses fall. Become the ultimate Underlord!

The sixth game is Overcooked! Grab some friends because Overcooked! is a hilarious and frantic local co-op game where you and up to three friends shuffle around the kitchen trying to fulfill orders. Cook and serve but make sure not to bump into each other – yes that is an actual hazard that can happen!

The seventh game is Wuppo, a strange yet charming puzzle platforming game. You play as a “wum” who is looking for a new place to call home. You’ll need to utilize and manipulate items and the world around you to stay safe and find an ideal home.

The final game is Nongünz, an action platformer roguelike with a dark fantasy theme. Featuring a slick art style, Nongünz features tight platforming action with a bit of idle game mixed in. As you progress, your graveyard will begin to fill with all sorts of curiosities: cultists, martyrs, gravediggers, and they’ll all help in their own… unique ways.

Like what you see? You never know what you’ll get in these monthly bundles, but the games are always good! You can check it out for yourself on the Humble Bundle website.

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