System Shock Remastered Development Put on Hiatus

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In November 2012, a new indie company named Nightdive Studios was created. Founded by former Sony Online Entertainment artist Stephen Kick, Nightdive Studios focused on obtained rights to old games that are no longer available and prepping them to run on modern systems. One notable project was their rerelease of the acclaimed first-person adventure game System Shock 2.

In March of 2016, the studio released a short trailer video of one of their original projects: a complete, modern day remake of the first-person classic System Shock. It gained traction immediately with half a million views on the video, and many trusted the studio because of the previous work with the older games.

This trust extended to the eventual Kickstarter that popped up Summer 2016. The Kickstarter was successful with $1.3 million funding and over 21,000 backers. Work began immediately, and they even release a few playable demos that showcased their progress so far. Having personally played one of the demos, everything was looking pretty good.

But unfortunately, Kick made a troubling announcement today. Kick stated that “the vision began to change”. As the scope of the game grew bigger, they drew further and further away from the core concept of the original System Shock. Eventually things got so out of hand that Kick has decided to put the team on hiatus and rethink things from the beginning. Details are unclear, but it was decision made not lightly.

Kick reassures the community and fans that the project is not over, but simply on break. It’s understandable, as there are many documented occurrences of “scope creep,” when developments think a little too big and it ends up coming back and biting them in the butt. We wish the team success with whatever they come back with, but this means now that no one has any idea what the completed project is going to be like. Only time will tell.


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