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Surreal Horror Classic Yume Nikki Now on Steam


Way back in 2004, Japanese freeware developer Kikiyama used the old RPG Maker 2003 application to make a rather interesting game. The project started as a dark, creepy adventure game with no combat at all. Instead, the game focused on creating a oppressive and mysterious atmosphere. The game eventually became known as Yume Nikki, and it’s been aptly described as Earthbound meeting Silent Hill.

Yume Nikki focuses on a young girl named Madotsuki. She’s currently obsessed a creepy video game, and it seems to be influencing her mental state. Every day once Madotsuki goes to bed, she ends up inside her mind where you must explore to figure out what’s happening in her head. Yume Nikki is strictly an adventure game where you spend most of time exploring Madotsuki’s dreamscape in attempt – no matter how feeble – to piece together the strange occurrences.

Yume Nikki remained as a small yet universally praised indie game. In 2007, the latest version of the game was released alongside an English translation, officially introducing western gamers to the creepy little game. This is where Yume Nikki was solidified into true cult hit as one of the coolest and creepiest games made with the RPG Maker engine.

Now, out of nowhere, Yume Nikki is now available on Steam as a free download. Now you too can easily experience the classic surreal horror adventure game! What’s also interesting is that there’s a link to a countdown for the next project right on the Steam page. Yume Nikki isn’t done with its cleverly creepy games, as the next game will soon be revealed in fourteen days, which is around January 24.

At the bottom of countdown page you can see the Kadokawa Corporation copyright, which brings together several affiliated companies. They hold publishing firms for movies, books, and even video games. The legendary FromSoftware, creators of the Dark Souls series, are held under Kadokawa Corporation. This leads us to believe that the next Yume Nikki project may very well be a full console or PC release! We’ll know for sure once January 24 rolls around.

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