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Super Mario 64 Online Co-op Is Now a Thing

Ever wanted to play Super Mario 64 with a friend at the same time? An oddly specific request we know, but it’ll soon be a possibility thanks to rom hacker Kaze Emanuar. Kaze has a lot of experience with modding Super Mario 64. Just last month he released Super Mario 64 Maker, an editor where you can make your own levels in Mario 64.

Super Mario 64 online multiplayer has been done before, though. There have been mod projects dating as far back as 2012 that added experimental co-op play to the game, but Kaze promises his version will improve in all aspects. In other romhacks, both Marios were constrained to the same screen. If one of the Marios wandered too far from the other one, the camera would zoom so far out it made things pretty hard to see, much less control. This problem was compounded in certain levels that had vertical emphasis as a Mario falling but not quite dying got the camera stuck.

Kaze’s version of the romhack makes it so that both Marios have their own camera, and the experience will play out much like the regular version of Super Mario 64. Additionally, setting up the game was rather cumbersome, as it often called for external networking programs like LogMeIn’s Hamachi. There’s no playable download yet so we’re not quite sure how Kaze will handle it, but he says that his romhack will be relatively easy to setup.

Another issue was desync. Depending on the players’ computers and internet, the game could potentially desync and cause you to essentially lose “stable” connection to your friend. You would remain connected in a way, but everything your friend was doing would not be properly translated to your game, causing for some awkward movements from your buddy Mario. As you can probably guess, another promise from Kaze is no desyncs, which would be an impressive feat.

The project is currently in pre-alpha state, so hang tight for a playable alpha soon. Check out Kaze Emanuar’s other videos if you’re interested in more romhacks for Super Mario 64. He’s got some pretty cool stuff!

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