Sun Haven: How to Get Fabric

Fabric is a core material in Sun Haven used in repairing the Clothing Store building, progressing certain quests during the Lantern Festival, and crafting various clothing items.

However, it’s not exactly clear how to get it. To get Fabric, build a Loom and then craft it by using three pieces of Silk.

In this guide, I will explain how to get Fabric in Sun Haven, how to craft a Loom, and where to use Fabric.

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How to Get Fabric in Sun Haven

To get Fabric in Sun Haven, the first step is building a Loom. To make a Loom, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 24x Wood Plank
  • 2x Silk

These can be combined at any Crafting Table to make a Loom.

Then, you can make Fabric by accessing the Loom and using the first default recipe. Each piece of Fabric will require three pieces of Silk.

However, since crafting the Loom requires two pieces of Silk, you’ll need a different way to get it at first. In that case, the Romance Merchant sells Fabric at the price of 500 coins per piece.

How to Get Silk in Sun Haven

Collect Silk from these trees and craft it into Fabric in Sun Haven.
Collect Silk from these trees and craft it into Fabric in Sun Haven.

Since Silk is the only material you need to craft Fabric, you’re probably wondering where to find it. Thankfully, there are two ways to get Silk in Sun Haven.

First, players can forage it from trees that have glowing cobwebs on them. On these trees, use the Sickle or Sword to take the Silk, or simply cut down the tree.

Alternatively, players can get Silk Moths as farm animals. By petting and feeding them, these moths will produce Silk daily.

Lastly, no shop sells Silk directly.

Where to Use Fabric in Sun Haven

How to get Fabric in Sun Haven.

Fabric is used for various purposes in Sun Haven. Primarily, it is used to repair the Clothing Shop (requires five pieces of Fabric) and the Salon (requires ten pieces of Fabric), to craft new clothes in the Loom after unlocking their recipes, and to hand over to NPCs for quests.

While you won’t need a lot of it, it’s important to gather it whenever you find it on trees. Unless you want to craft every clothing item in the game, you won’t need to get Silk Moths early on.

Wrapping up

To sum up this guide, players can get Fabric in Sun Haven by crafting it on the Loom at the cost of three Silk.

To get Silk, either forage it from trees or produce it from Silk Moths on their farm.

Then, they can use Fabric for various purposes, including repairing stores and crafting clothes.

Why do you need Fabric? Are you planning to get Silk Moths when you can, or will the Silk trees be enough? Let us know in the comments below.

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