Starfield: Best Skills in the Game

Do you want to have the strongest character overall? Let’s go through the best skills in Starfield to help you get some unique passive bonuses early on.

There are 82 skills, four ranks per skill, and 5 skill trees in Starfield and it’s definitely not easy or simple to find out the best ones to get early.

In this guide, I will list the five best skills to get first in Starfield as they’ll help you during the early game and make your playthrough significantly more convenient.

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Best Skills to Get First in Starfield

Best skills to get early in Starfield.

Since there is no max level in Starfield, you’ll eventually be able to unlock every skill. However, it will take a long time to get there and some skills are needed sooner rather than later.

Based on that, here are the five best skills to get early in Starfield:

Stealth (Tier 1 Physical)

Best skills to get early in Starfield - Stealth skill.

Stealth will make it harder for enemies to detect you while sneaking and increase the damage of suppressed weapons by 5% during sneak attacks.

While you can simply run and gun, stealth is a great and fun option that can be used to take down a few enemies before engaging in a fight.

Security (Tier 1 Tech)

Best skills to get early in Starfield - Security skill.

With Security, you are able to lockpick doors and containers found around the map.

Since the game is full of locked doors and containers, you’ll regret not picking security when you had the skill points to spare.

Persuasion (Tier 1 Social)

Best skills to get early in Starfield - Persuasion skill.

Persuasion is a skill that increases the success rate when trying to persuade an NPC to do something.

Starfield includes a wide variety of cases where you’ll get the chance to talk to certain NPCs before engaging in combat.

With the right dialogue choices and the Persuasion skill, you may be able to avoid combat and lower the prices when negotiating with crew members.

Spacesuit Design (Tier 2 Science)

Best skills to get early in Starfield - Spacesuit Design skill.

While on the more expensive side as it requires four points in the Science tree first, Spacesuit Design will allow you to research and craft improved spacesuits, helmets, and pack mods.

This is one of the best ways to increase your overall strength in the early game and can be acquired fairly easily.

Boost Pack Training (Tier 1 Tech)

Best skills to get early in Starfield - Boost Pack Training skill.

Boost Pack Training is the best skill in Starfield as it allows you to utilize boost packs and jetpacks while also making them use less fuel and regenerate fuel faster.

This skill makes a huge difference while exploring around and only requires one skill point, so it’s a must-have.

Wrapping up

To summarize, the best skills to get early on in Starfield are Stealth, Security, Persuasion, Spacesuit Design, and Boost Pack Training.

Unlocking these first will help you progress through the early stages of the game much more easily.

What’s your favorite early-game skill? Have you unlocked all the mentioned skills? Feel free to share your favorite builds in the comments below.

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