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Spelunky Creator Derek Yu Announces A New Collaborative 50-in-1 Game


Yup, you heard that right! Derek Yu, creator of indie hits like Spleunky and Aquaria, has finally revealed his newest game project UFO 50. In an interesting turn of events, UFO 50 is going to be a compilation of various game genres that you’ve come to know and love. Derek Yu has built a team of indie developers to bring this game to life, and it’s all encapsulated within a familiar 8-bit aesthetic.

As the name implies, there will be a grand total of 50 games waiting for you in UFO 50. The official website claims that the games are “full experiences,” and not minigames or microgames; completing the entire library could take you up to 100 hours! The games will include platformers, RPGs, shoot ’em ups, puzzles games, and more. All of the games will have single player modes, and roughly one third of them will have multiplayer components as well.

The development team consists of Derek Yu of course, Eirik Suhrke (Ridiculous Fishing, Hotline Miami), Jon Perry (Eternal Daughter, Diabolika), Paul Hubans (Spunk and Moxie, The Indie Game Legend), and Ojiro Fumoto (Downwell). It’s a pretty stand-up crew, so expect some awesome ideas and concepts. The games seem to take inspiration from the best NES games, so combine that with these indie developers’ creative ideas and you’ve got a recipe for a nice trip down memory lane with some modern touches.

Every game’s core concept was thought up by one of the developers on the team, but the entire team worked on every single one of them. What’s got us personally excited is the prospect of old classics touched up with today’s design philosophies. One of the preview screenshots showcases what seems to be a point’n’click adventure game, but the design is really intricate will still being contained in an 8-bit style. It all comes together in a very intriguing mix, so we’re looking forward to the collection!

UFO 50 is currently planned for a 2018 PC release, with more platforms to come.

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