Sorare: How to Get Free Cards in the Game

The Blockchain Fantasy Football game Sorare has been rising in popularity recently with more players starting to play. Since success is dictated by player cards, getting valuable cards for free is what players are after, especially F2P players.

But, apart from the Common cards, obtaining the other, valuable cards for free is pretty difficult. The Common cards don’t do much in helping you get the Unique and Rare cards, either!

So, today, I’ll be discussing a few tips that I think can be quite helpful and increase your chances of getting free cards in Sorare, cards that are limited and actually valuable! Let’s get on with it!

How to Get Free Cards in Sorare

Signing Up

It’s important to mention that signing up for Sorare will only earn you Common Cards. These cards can’t be traded or sold, so they don’t really hold any value in the marketplace.

Sorare Common Cards during Sign Up

But, as you’ll notice when we discuss later on, these Common Cards can be your road to success!

During the sign up process, however, there’s a way you can earn the Limited cards with the help of Referral links; it’s not entirely free, though!

Sorare New Signings section

If you sign up with a referral link of another fellow Sorare player and purchase five cards from the New Signings section through auction bids, you’ll earn an additional special card as well! These referral links can be found in YouTube, Reddit, and every Sorare community.

Furthermore, if you share your referral link with five other people and they purchase five such cards, you’ll also earn a limited card along with them! If you can boost that number up to 30, a unique card might just be on the books for you!

Sorare Competition – Casual League

The Casual competition of Sorare is where you can use the common cards that you’ve earned during sign up and participate in contests that take place twice every week.

Sorare Casual League rewards

This league is specially created for beginners and players who want to test the game out for free. So, players can only employ their Common Cards.

The 100 people who scores the highest in a certain week will earn a Limited card as the prize. That’s what you should put your focus on.

If you can play your cards smartly and make the right choices every week, you should be able to win a few Limited cards in just a few months of strategic planning.

Repeating that on a weekly basis will help you make an entire team of Limited cards totally for free!

However, it must be mentioned that this is quite difficult and you’ll definitely need an element of luck to come out on top every other week! It’s never too late to try, though!

Sorare Competition – The Academy

The Academy in Sorare is the only other competition that any Sorare player can take part, other than the Casual league. You’ll probably be guided to entering the Academy in the initial phases of the game, anyway.

Similar to the Casual league, the teams mostly consist of Common cards. But, a maximum of two Limited cards are also allowed.

But, the points and rewards system is different in The Academy. You’ll be tasked with earning a certain number of points and the rewards will be given accordingly.

For example, scoring more than 450 points will get a Tier 2 Limited card, while getting to a total of more than 110 will earn you a Tier 2 Common card. Again, it’s all about choosing the right team and a tad bit of luck!

If you can score high, the rewards in The Academy are relatively better than what you may earn from the Casual League too!

Up until now, there isn’t any legitimate way to earn the Rare or Unique Sorare cards for free. You will need to spend some money eventually, in order to get better, valuable cards that will help you achieve greater success!

Wrapping Up

There’s no easy method to getting free cards in Sorare. You may need to grind for a long time and pray that your players do a wondrous job in the field!

Nevertheless, the game, even with the Common Cards, is still pretty exciting and you’ll definitely enjoy it if you’ve played Fantasy Football or deal with football on a daily basis.

I wish you the best of luck in pursuing these methods above and hope that you can quickly earn some Limited Cards to make your way into the big leagues!

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