Sorare: How Many Cards Are There? [For Each Rarity Type]

Cards are the most important part of Sorare and having an in-depth knowledge of how many cards there are and their significance is extremely essential to get a grip of the game and progress upwards.

Thankfully, it’s not too confusing, since there aren’t endless categories of these cards and differentiating is quite simple.

Going through this guide will clear out a lot of information for you on the types of cards in Sorare and help you get started!

How Many Cards Are There For Each Rarity Type in Sorare?

There are four different Rarity categories when it comes to cards in Sorare – Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique.

Since the Common cards have no value in the market and are not part of the Blockchain, these don’t belong to the Rarity categories. Only the cards belonging to the Blockchain can be purchased and sold in the Market.

Limited Cards

Limited Cards Sorare

Limited cards come with a yellow-colored background and are the lowest-ranked rarity card in Sorare. There are a maximum of 1000 Limited cards made for a player every season and it can vary from player to player.

It goes without saying that Limited cards have the lowest value but these can be obtained by managers for free as well, through the rewards systems of the Casual Leagues and The Academy.

Employing Limited cards and levelling them up to 20 can earn you a 10% bonus during each game.

Rare Cards

Rare Cards Sorare

Next up on the list are the Rare cards. These cards consist of a red color as their identifying feature. It’s possible to create up-to a 100 of these cards for one player in one particular season.

Similar to Limited cards, these can also bring a 10% bonus on your scores for each game as long as you’ve levelled them up to 20!

Super Rare Cards

Super Rare Cards Sorare

Increasing in value, the Super Rare cards are a step above the Rare cards and have a distinct Blue color. Only 10 of these cards are created at most every season for a certain player.

These cards can be obtained as prizes by coming out victorious in various paid competitions that take place on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, the Super Rare Cards start off from level 40 with a 20% bonus. You can push them up to a maximum of 30% as you level up these cards.

Unique Cards

The Unique cards are the most valuable cards in Sorare with extreme levels of scarcity.

Unique Cards Sorare

For a single player, there’s only one version of this card produced in a season and can be owned by one manger only. These cards have a black or brown background.  

To make it even better, Unique Cards have an initial level of 80 and easily increases your score by 40% if employed in the team. You can get a 50% bonus if you manage to boost the level to 100!

Therefore, there can be a maximum of 1000 Limited cards, 100 Rare cards, 10 Super Rare Cards, and 1 Unique Card created for a particular player every season!

If you own a certain player card in a season, you’ll still be its rightful owner in the next season, unless the player retires or transfers out of the club. In those cases, the card will turn into an NFT Collectible!

Wrapping Up

There are only four (five, if you count Common cards) different rarity of cards available in Sorare that are part of the Blockchain. These play an important role in the value you hold, and up to an extent, the performance of the team.

While you should always aim for the Unique cards, understandably, these will be extremely difficult to get. The Rare and Super Rare cards are the next best thing and will bring you both value and performance.

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