SCUM Gameplay Mechanics & Tips: Useful Facts to Know to Improve Your Game

SCUM has been out for a while and everybody loves this game, myself included. One of the reasons why this game is so good is that it brings many innovations gameplay-wise, as well as new mechanics. And in today’s article we’re going to cover them all in order to help make your life easier in SCUM.

Although not a regular SCUM game guide, it’s more of a set of tips and tricks that I randomly spit thinking at the various things present in the game. I know it’s not the most organized thing you can find, but it does help to read through all these useful facts you should know about SCUM as they will help you better understand the game and maybe play better.

So without further ado, let’s check out some SCUM facts and tips aimed at helping you play better, get better loot and survive longer.

– Don’t get freaked out by the drones. They are present just as a decor option and not something to worry about.

– Wearing multiple layers of clothes/armor makes your character sweat more and faster and therefore you dehydrate faster.

– Going for a swim or simply getting into water will make your clothes wet and heavier.

– Standing near a fire for a while will make your soaking wet clothes dry.

– Dirty bandages are dangerous as they can cause an infection!

– Keeping an eye on your hunger and thirst levels is important. But even if they reach zero, you will still be able to survive for a while, giving you a chance to find some items to address the issues.

– Drinking unclean water is not safe as you can get diarrhea (but better than being dehydrated).

– Over-eating or drinking is not good either as it will have a negative effect on your character.

– Drinking alcohol can result in your character getting alcohol poisoning. You can also become an alcoholic, making your character dependent on sipping up something to stay sane.

– Fat characters can survive a bit longer without food since they have fat deposits to burn through first.

– Normally an in-game day lasts 6 hours in real life. By default, it’s 4 hours for day time and 2 for night time.

– The colors of the crafting menu: Gray means you don’t have the recipe, Yellow means that you miss some of the items required for crafting and red means that you miss all the items required.

– You can craft your own ammo and should do so!

– In terms of water requirements, your character has to drink around 300ml of water for each real life hour and you do have to go pee every now and then.

– There is no base building in the game, but at least you can fortify buildings. And farm weed. Yay!

– Make sure to clean your guns regularly as they can get jammed!

– You can stop bleeding by using a blade with a cloth and “cut into rags”. Then you can use it to patch wounds.

– You can use any melee weapon to open your cans

– Always use fame points to keep your stash after death, especially if you have good loot on hand. Don’t spend any fame otherwise.

Things are easier if you have access to the game’s map – which is something you can do by clicking here to see our article sharing the SCUM gameplay map.

Now this would be all right now in terms of SCUM gameplay mechanics and tips you should have in mind at all times. What else would you add to the list?

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2 thoughts on “SCUM Gameplay Mechanics & Tips: Useful Facts to Know to Improve Your Game”

  1. didn’t look to much but I couldn’t find a date when this was posted. curious to what version of the game you are playing…? although im so happy player made structures will not be implemented the fortifying premade structures has not been turned on in the public version correct? also I cannot “clean my gun.” anyway I hope these devs deliver what they promise. I am having a blast in scum and use your map oftern. thanks for that. glhf and kos.

    • I am happy to hear that you find the map useful!

      Regarding the tips, I am trying to “cheat” a bit here and shared some tips based on discussed and “work in progress” data in order to keep this guide relevant for the long run as well. I know it’s not the best approach, though 🙂


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