Sailing Era Tier List: Best Characters in the Game

Sailing Era allows players to choose a captain when starting the game and there are four character options available.

Specifically, players are called to choose from Yun Mu, Abdullah, Yoshitaka Shizuma, and Andrew.

Each character has different traits and offers unique buffs and debuffs. Due to that, some characters are better than others and in this tier list, we’ll rank exactly that.

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In this list, I will rank all characters available in Sailing Era on a tier list from the weakest to the strongest ones. Thus, if you’re wondering who is the best character in the game, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Characters in Sailing Era

Each character brings different skills to the table and, in this list, I’ll rank the four main characters based on their end-game potential.

Thus, any abilities offering increased XP won’t be helpful since the level cap has already been reached.

Let’s examine each character in turn and rank them based on their end-game capabilities.

4. Andrew

Andrew's character portrait during dialogue in Sailing Era.
Andrew’s character portrait during dialogue in Sailing Era.

Andrew has the innate talent to start with an exceptionally high Leadership Skill (Level 4). This is the highest of all characters, which is his best attribute.

However, he has the second lowest Attack and HP (after Yu Mu) and two of his traits are XP-related (Adventurous Spirit & Innate Leader), which is far from ideal.

Lastly, his third trait grants him local contribution when discovering new ports, which has its benefits but is fairly irrelevant.

While he has higher stats than Yun Mu, his traits place him at the bottom of this tier list.

3. Yun Mu

Yun Mu during character selection in Sailing Era.
Yun Mu during character selection in Sailing Era.

Yun Mu’s best attribute is her skill ‘Picky Shopping’. This causes her to yield increased profits for goods based on accumulated knowledge regarding them.

For a trade-focused playthrough, Yun Mu’s trait can be extremely helpful.

However, she has the lowest HP, Attack, and combined skill count of all characters, and her remaining 2 skills ‘Scholar’ and ‘Analogist’ aren’t very helpful.

While her increased XP from discoveries can be useful during the early game, in the late game where she has reached the level cap it won’t be any help at all.

2. Abdullah

Abdullah's character portrait during dialogues in Sailing Era.
Abdullah’s character portrait during dialogues in Sailing Era.

Abdullah has the highest HP and Attack of all four characters in Sailing Era. In addition, he has two amazing traits: Loot and Ship Seizing Tactics.

Loot awards him increased supplies when plundering a ship, while Ship Seizing Tactics allows him to recruit ships that have surrendered.

In general, if you want to focus on combat specifically, Abdullah is your best choice. His traits allow him to leave battles with extra loot, while his high stats increase the chances of winning.

Even his third trait, Skilled Fighter, which increases XP gained from battles, while not ideal due to being an XP-related trait, can be helpful since you’ll be battling enemies the majority of the time.

1. Yoshitaka Shizuma

Yoshitaka Shizuma (middle) character in Sailing Era.
Yoshitaka Shizuma (middle) character in Sailing Era.

Yoshitaka Shizuma comes out at the top of this list due to being the only character with four traits.

Specifically, Yoshitaka’s traits allow him to protect his ship from rat infestations (Cats at Hand), gain increased trait profits from industrial products (Craftsmanship Knowledge), and modify ship cabins (Nature Surpassing).

As for his last trait, Prestigious Shipbuilder, Yoshitaka gains increased XP when shipbuilding, which is insignificant in the late game.

On top of those, he has the second highest Attack and HP, right after Abdullah.

Therefore, for a more all-around gameplay that combines trading, exploration, and combat, Yoshitaka Shizuma is the best character in Sailing Era.

Wrapping up

To sum up, these are the best characters in Sailing Era placed in a tier list from the least useful to the most ideal captain.

If your goal is to focus primarily on combat, choose Abdullah. If instead, you favor combining all gameplay aspects, Yoshitaka Shizuma is your best bet.

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Who is your favorite character in the game? How far have you managed to progress with them? Let us know in the comments below.


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