Roblox Shuudan Codes [NEW CODES]

If you want to become the best player in Roblox Shuudan, these working codes will definitely help you get there faster. I am sharing them all with you below, so grab them while they’re still active.

Rewarding you will all sorts of in-game goodies, from free skill resets to in game cash and skill points, these are extremely helpful when it comes to really customizing and crafting your Shuudan player.

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Now with all these in mind, let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out the working Roblox Shuudan codes below!

All Shuudan Codes – Redeem Now!

shuudan codes working

There are plenty of codes to choose from – but I would do so ASAP, because some have been active for a while now and might stop working.

Here are all the Roblox Shuudan codes you can redeem for great rewards:

  • EXP CODE! – Redeem for a 2x EXP Multiplier
  • ON EST ENSEMBLE! – Redeem for Skill Tree Reset
  • PINK TAPE! – Redeem for 5 Spec Spins and 5k Cash
  • 22K LIKES! – Redeem for 2 Spec and 10 Personality
  • welp it got fixed! – Redeem for 10 Skill Points
  • Seraph’s Gift – Redeem for Skill Points Reset
  • Skillpoint Reset! – Redeem for 15 Skill Points
  • GET YAKUZA BEHIND BARS! – Redeem for 20 Skill Points
  • UPDATE 3 PART 1 / 3! – Redeem for 5k Cash
  • WE BACK BABY! – Redeem for 50 Hair/Eye Spins
  • 21K LIKES! – Redeem for 5 Specialities and 15 Personality Spins

IMPORTANT: When redeeming these codes, have in mind that they are case sensitive. They have to be typed exactly as written above, with all the punctuation marks and everything.

To make sure that you’re really writing them correctly, you can copy and paste each code from this page onto the game.

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How to redeem codes in Roblox Shuudan

how to redeem codes in Shuudan

Redeeming the codes in the game is really easy, but I am here to make it even easier by sharing the step by step guide on how to do it.

  1. Launch the game and
  2. Head over to the game’s Main Menu and click the Shop
  3. In the left side there, you have an area for codes. Write them exactly as seen above and click “Finished” to grab your reward.

This is it! Very easy to claim, but I have to insist on you making sure that you copy the codes exactly as written above, keeping all the capital letters intact, as well as the spaces and punctuation.

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Final words

Unlike in many other popular Roblox games, in Shuudan we have plenty of codes to redeem and rewards to enjoy.

There have been even more in the past though, so make sure to use these codes as fast as possible, as they might expire without warning.

If any of the Shuudan codes listed above are no longer working, let us all know by commenting below.

Also post any new codes that you find that haven’t been added to the list yet, to make sure that we always keep it up to date with the latest working ones.

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