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Rise and Fall In Civilization VI’s Newest Expansion


Sid Meier’s and Firaxis Games’ long running Civilization series has already been about wonderment, discovery, and history. In this powerful announcement trailer, we get to see all those traits from many viewpoints of a young woman. Enter Civilization VI: Rise and Fall!

Rise and Fall is Civilization VI’s first official expansion pack, and it brings a bunch of new mechanics to the table. While the trailer is riveting and emotional, it’s mostly a cinematic trailer so it doesn’t really show us new gameplay features, so we’ll talk about those.

“Great Ages” can happen now as you move between historic eras and they come in two flavors: Golden Ages and Dark Ages. Golden Ages will function like they have in the previous Civilization games where you’ll reap the benefits of a good year with bonuses to just about anything. On the flip side, the appropriately named Dark Ages will bring gloom and doom about. Your performance in the previous era will determine which age happens, and whichever you get you must triumph!

Loyalty is now a new stat that you’ll need to keep track of. Each individual city that is a part of your civilization will have its own loyalty counter to you. Events can make or break their loyalty, and if a city’s loyalty drops too low you run the risk of revolts, low production rates, and worst of all complete independence from your rule. You’ll need to utilize the new Governor unit to reinforce loyalty.

Alliances now have forms that correspond to the research trees – research, military, economic, cultural, and religious. Alliances provide leaders will bonuses that become more powerful the longer the alliance stays together. Keep your friends close to thrive!

On the other side of alliances are emergencies. Emergencies can occur when one civilization becomes too powerful and performs a power move like wiping out another civilization. The other civilizations can temporarily band together and face the threat.

Among these new mechanics are some universal additions, like nine new leaders, eight new civilizations, new natural wonders, new units, and more! Civilization VI: Rise and Fall is currently scheduled for a February 8, 2018 release. Stay tuned for more info from Firaxis Games.

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