Rare Cases in CS:GO

The whole Internet is full of sites for opening CS:GO cases, trades platforms and various roulettes. With the release of the new case, players start their “hunting season” in a bid to be the first to knock out valuable loot and skins from it. But not every case from Counter Strike: Global Offensive is that easy to get. Among the thousands of cheap cases, which rarely cost more than 4 cents, you can often see really rare and exclusive items. Rare cases and limited editions are hidden from our eyes, and to become the owner of such an item, you need to make a little effort. There are not some many ways of getting one, but the main option is to surf for a csgo case opening sites which can put a spin on your inventory.

What is a rare case
Mostly, the rare case is the one which can be rarely found on Steam Market. Deficit always causes a stir and contributes to the growth of prices for the loot boxes. The best example of such cases are Bravo case (worth more than $10), and limited eSports 2013 cases, assessed at $8. There are about 900 lots for each of these cases on the community market. Comparing them to the “junior cases”, whose circulation exceeds the mark of 20.000, these old cases can definitely be classified as rare ones. Moreover, there is no way you can get them after matchmaking matches. Given this dynamic in prices, as well as the simple rules of the market, users can easily reap the benefits just by tracking the dynamics of the case prices.

Obtaining rare cases without investing money
There are several ways to get valuable items: trading with skins, playing an honest roulette game, and selling cosmetic items on the community market. The second method is very simple and does not require any skills and knowledge from you. In order to earn money to buy the desired case, you just need to play Counter Strike. Play a lot until your inventory is filled with a three dollars drop from competitive matches. If you collect a sufficient number of skins, you can purchase a rare set by simply selling those skins or just using them at CS:GO roulette increasing your winning chances with a number of items.

And if you know how to negotiate, benefit and make deals, or simply fantastically lucky, then you should try to trade skins with other players. An experienced trader often adds up his inventory with valuable weapons and items. Try to contact the users who have the necessary case, and exchange it for any skins. You can also try to start with a small bet in the CS:GO roulette, you can sometimes win big by simply placing a single bet. The correct approach will easily allow you to get the desired case with the laidback approach. Anyhow, if you feel like you are up to trading and winning big, any of these approaches may come in you handy.

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